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Press Release: Hemp Foods Contain No Detectable THC

After extensive meetings and discussions with most of the major hemp food companies, it has become clear that according to the official Health Canada testing protocol, none of these hemp food companies have any detectable THC in their products. These companies feel they comply with the DEA’s regulations as written and wish to reassure distributors, retailers and customers that their nutritious hemp foods remain perfectly legal for resale and consumption.

However, since the DEA has not specified a detection protocol and a corresponding de minimus limit of detection, the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and supporting plaintiffs are filing for a “Stay Pending Review” in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. If granted, the stay would have the effect of invalidating the interpretive rule and force the DEA into a formal rule-making process with an opportunity for public notice and comment and hopefully public hearings before any rule would take effect.

If, after receiving public comments, the DEA went ahead with a rule that could cause hemp foods to become illegal, plaintiffs intend to litigate on the substantive issues. These include the facts that hemp seed and oil and hemp seed and oil based foods are exempted from control under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and that hemp products are safe and healthy for human consumption, being an excellent and tasty source of protein and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which are needed by the body for good health. Our goal is reasonable regulations to fully protect, without ambiguity, the manufacture, resale and consumption of hemp food.

The hemp industry has responsibly addressed all psychoactive health and drug-testing issues with a wide margin of safety (see the TestPledge program ).

We need to let Congress know that the DEA’s actions are wrong and educate them about the benefits of hemp foods. Please take a moment to write your Senators and Congressperson today by visiting VoteHemp and clicking on the “Send a Pre-written Fax” link.


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