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Press Release: Hemp Foods Announcement From Nutiva

On October 9, 2001, the US DEA published new rules to ban all hemp foods containing any THC. Nutiva’s hemp food products contain no detectable THC and are thus legal to consume. HOWEVER, with advancing testing procedures that can check down to parts per billion, hemp food products are at a potential risk. On 10-19,2001 Nutiva, along with the Hemp Industries Association, Hemp Oil Canada, Hempola, Kenex, Nature’s Path, North Farm Coop, and Tierra Madre filed in the 9th Circuit Federal Court in SF, seeking to dismiss the DEA’s latest ruling making.

DEA may simply consider “zero” THC anything that is not detected by the DEA/Customs’ 1999 protocol. However, there will be no recourse in the law should DEA/Customs implement a more sensitive detection protocol, or should DEA argue that it is impossible for hemp foods to not contain some amount of THC even should a given protocol not detect it. Hemp foods would have no legal standing if we do not fight now to prevent DEA from getting its “any THC is illegal” position written into the law.
What you can do to help:

1) Write to the DEA; they are accepting comments until 12/6/01-visit for detals

2) Please keep buying hemp food products to support the hemp industry.

3) Call your US Senator and Congressperson and request that this unconstitutional DEA attempt to ban hemp foods be stopped immediately.

4) Encourage your local retailer to continue to stock hemp food products.

5) Email help1 [at] or visit and to stay informed.
Consider these three facts:

The DEA has no evidence regarding potential health or drug abuse from ingestion of hemp foods. Poppy seeds contain trace amounts of opiates, yet no one is banning bagels. The DEA has held no hearings, is violating due process, and has refused to discuss these issues with the natural foods industry.


About Nutiva

Nutiva products can be found at natural foods stores including Whole Foods and Wild Oats.Nutiva is a Sebastopol-based natural foods manufacturing firm. In addition to our chip line, we offer certified organic bars made with hemp and flax seed, and a 12 oz. can of shelled hempseeds. Nutiva is a member of the Organic Trade Association, and the North American Industrial Hemp Council. Nutiva donates 1% of sales to groups engaged in sustainable agriculture as part of its commitment to creating a healthy future.

Contact information:

John W. Roulac, Nutiva founder and president
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