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Press Release: HempShake™ Offers Certified Organic, Fair-Trade Protein Shakes

Nutritious New Liquid Meals Available in Three Appealing Flavors

Sebastopol, Calif. – March 23, 2006 — Today at the Anaheim Natural Products Expo, the hemp foods company Nutiva introduced its new line of HempShakes. The organic superfood drink mixes are available in three flavors: Chocolate, Berry Pomegranate, and Amazon Açai. HempShake™ 16-ounce jars will retail at natural food stores for $19.99; 1.1-ounce single-serving packets for $2.19.

The powdered shakes contain nourishing superfoods, such as hemp, blueberries, pomegranates, açai and goji berries, maca root, and ramon nuts, that are rich not only in protein but in minerals, antioxidants, and healthful fatty acids. Hemp protein contains 66 percent edestin—easier to digest than soy—and, unlike most soy protein, isn’t processed with hexane solvents.

Whereas most shakes are low in fiber and high in sugar, Nutiva’s drink mixes contain two kinds of fiber for good digestion and, in the Amazon Açai flavor, only three grams of sugar. Nutiva founder and CEO John W. Roulac commented, “The response from our retailers has been very positive. They love the packaging, the organic nutrition, and the story of how we source our ingredients.”

Nutiva has become America’s leading hemp foods brand, with sales increasing 100 percent in each of the last three years, by focusing on the quality of its ingredients, processing, packing, and shipping.

Socially Responsible Foods
The HempShake™ brand is both organic-certified and Fair Trade-certified ( Such products support family farmers through fair prices, community development, and environmental stewardship.

Nutiva provides income for indigenous people by sourcing its Sambazon® açai berries and Brazil nuts from the Amazon rain forest, while its ramon nuts are wild-harvested in the Maya Biosphere Reserve.

As part of its commitment to a more sustainable world, the company has chosen not to include scoops in its shakes. What they save in plastic, they will be donating in nutritious HempShakes™ to support good health for families such as those of the Lakota Nation.

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