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34 Year Old Mom Ex-Marathon Runner Coconut Oil Testimonial

If you read no other review READ MINE. CO54

I am a 34 year old self-employed business-owner with a 20-month old baby.  I was a marathon runner until I had my first (and only) baby at 32 years old and after he was born, I was diagnosted with hypothyroidism.  My TSH was 10.3. I ended up in the ER 2 times in the last 12 months due to being unable to regulate my med’s.

I went to a specialist and was on 27 pills a day (mostly suppliments).  I heard about coconut oil and decided I had NOTHING to lose.  I was already considering shutting down my business because I had no energy to run it.  I have the most severe case of thyroid problems I have ever heard about and by adding one tablespoon of coconut oil to a hemp protein shake in the morning, I am practically healed.

I have done this protien shake for 5 weeks and I am almost back to myself.  EVERYONE has noticed the change.  I took my little boy to the zoo 2 days ago and walked around for 3 hours. If you have thyoid problems, you know hwo miraculous this is.  I am sleeping through the night again and I am thinking about exercising again. I am still a little apprehensive about running- I have been unable to run for soooo long now. But that is my next major goal.

You HAVE to try this. I have told everyone I know with thyroid problems.  Truthfully, I would have eaten lard if I thought it would make be better; that is how discouraged and desparate I was to get my life back.  This is sooo easy and worth ever penney.  And if you melt it, you will barely notice the flavor in your shake.

I use it to cook now- Anytime my recipe calls for olive oil;  I use coconut oil. I hope my testimony inspires you. God made food great all by itself and we have added so much garbage to our diets. I am getting back to the basics now.


  1. I’m glad to hear about it, I have weight problems because my thyroid and my TSH not that high but, always looking for solutions and will try with the coconut oil. Thanks for sharing your history. God Bless You.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this info about hypothyroidism. I was also recently diagnosed with it, and although my numbers were about half what yours were, my energy level was not good. I’m going to order some coconut oil and give this a good try! Thanks again.

  3. Nutiva coconut oil is soo good on baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, toast with a bit of honey, in stir fries or even off the spoon. It can be used to make hot dressings for spinach or other green salads. I have not found a place where I could not substitute coconut oil or olive oil for butter or other less than nutritious oils. Coconut milk is delicious on any cereals, made into ice creams, or in rice pudding. These foods do not contain the pesticides or chemicals if you purchase pure virgin organic products and are far superior healthwise to dairy products with their hormones and antibiotics.

  4. cant thank you enough for this info about coconut oil. I too believe God made the earth with plenty of raw goodies, just enjoy the real thing!

  5. Colleen Ford says:

    Is Nutiva coconut oil considered a “raw” food, that is not heated above temperatures that would alter its natural composition?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Colleen.
      Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is not raw. We had a very popular line of raw Coconut Oil, but had to pull it due to supply-chain issues. We’re exploring a replacement vendor right now, but it’s been a bit of a challenge because of our very high Organics standards. We think we may have an announcement coming up pretty shortly though – keep your fingers crossed!

  6. Viola Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing you story!!!! I was diagnosed last year with hypothyroidism as well. I was devestated! I have been using supplements and exercising daily and am beginning to feel better. I just finished reading the Coconut Oil Miracle book and am ready to get started eating coconut oil! I have been using it on my skin and hair for the last few months….the next step is to order Nutiva’s organic coconut oil. I have already thrown away the canola oil (yesterday) LOL!!!

    God Bless you and your family!!!

  7. I have a lower TSH level, however, because it still falls within the medically approved “normal levels”, my physician refused to refer me to an endocrinologist. So, I decided to to it on my own- I use Extra Virgin Coconut oil by the teaspoonful every day — I do use it for cooking and added it to my regular body lotions. My skin is doing much better. I find my bowels are moving more regularly; and am hoping it will help with the weight gain of menopause. Thank you for your article regarding weight loss — I plan to up my intake, and hope for some weight loss. But I do notice that my mindset it much more clear and I do not have the mental fog that has been afflicting me for the past couple years. I can even finish a sentence and say exactly what I mean.

  8. ConcordMinuteman says:

    I had hypothyroidism for about a year that manifested itself as diabetes insipdus. The cause for me was drinking too much green tea – which contains a significant amount of fluoride (combined with fluoridated city water). Fluoride is actually used to treat hyperthyroidism, and too much of it can cause hypothyroidism in some people. But not to discount the benefits of the delicious coconut oil.

    • Fallettajones35 says:

      I too am newly diagnosed this year with hypothyroidism.  Hairloss, weight gain, tiredness, brittle nails, extremely cold at times and let’s not mention not sleeping thru the night without medicinal assistance.  Today is May 18, 2011 my second day of taking Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  I first tried it on my extremely dry hair and to my amazment (over night!!!) I have brand new hair (not literally) but my hair is soft and shiny again after just 1 use.  So I read it helps with thyroid disease, weight loss and a slew of other conditions.  I decided to incorporate it in my diet however since this is just day 2 I’m going to give it at least 2 weeks before I notice any changes and/or improvements overall.  Wish me luck :-)  

      • Flo. Myers says:

        I have not been diagnose but what you say sounds exactly like me, hair loss, weightgain,always tired ,very brittle nails,don’t sleep well. I would love to know how, by now, you feel about the coconut oil. I just heard about it a few days ago. Hope it’s doing great for you !!!

  9. Thank you for posting this I am a newly diagnosed hypothyroid patient. I was shocked to find not much about this but mostly celiac and gluten free information. Thru much trial and error have found that food effects me more that I thought! I hope you are feeling great and live well. God Bless You!

  10. Vachon Denise says:

    WE WANT THE 16 FL.

    • Hi Vachon.
      Our advice would be for you to communicate with the store owner that you want the 16oz bottle. A store’s buying decisions are influenced by customer requests. We’d also love for them to stock the larger size for you.

  11. What is the average time it takes to start to feel positive effects from the coconut oil? Are there any bad side effects???

    • What do you have that is good for strengthening the immune system?

      • The Nutiva Team says:

        Hi Pam. We don’t sell supplements. That’s not what we do. For your immune system, we recommend eating lots and lots of superfoods!

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Our customers have reported feeling changes almost immediately after replacing bad fats with good fats. The same can be said for almost any sort of positive dietary alterations.

  12. Natascha says:

    I follow a low carb diet and also was diagnosed with postpartum hypothyroidism . One of the message boards I frequent, another poster recommended an easy way to get coconut oil in your diet. Add it to your coffee or tea!! And it is delicious!!!

    Nutiva brand is hands down the best tasting coconut oil! Thank you!!

  13. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I was wondering it says for cooking on the front. Can you use this one for other uses…face wash, drinking 3 TBSP a day etc…

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Of course! In fact, many people use Coconut Oil for their hair and skin to the exclusion of all else!

  14. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m 23 years old and diagnosed with low thyroid and at 23 i should have all the energy in the world. I just started taking my medication although my thyroid is now normal. I still don’t have the same energy I had when I was 22. Plus gaining 60 pounds in three months does not help either, so hopefully this will work as great as you mentioned.

  15. Hi, I was wondering if you could use the Manna instead of the coconut oil to help low thyroid.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Rita,
      Coconut Butter is a very different product than Coconut Oil. We recommend using Coconut Oil for your cooking needs, and as a replacement for other oils and fats that aren’t as healthful for you. We are not allowed to give medical advice, and we would recommend that you consult your physician for any inquiries regarding your thyroid.

      • So,now I am confused.Nutiva replied here that coconut butter is a very different product oil.Which one benefits more in increasing energy and better for mind clarity?
        I have been buying coconut oil products for years,trying to find the best one,and reading and researching on coconut oil for years.I read about it can help weight loss,increase energy,and lift that so called “brain fog”.I had purchased a brand of coconut oil before,and did receive from it,the coconut OIL,weight loss,energy,and mental clarity.I have can not remember were I got it from,its been like a year sense I had purchased it.
        So I am today trying to find another one.Which is the best for all that I mentioned,the oil or the butter?

        • Ok,how do I edit this? in the first sentence of my reply I meant to say..Nutiva had said the coconut butter is a very different product than the coconut oil

        • The Nutiva Team says:

          Hi Tammy,
          We cannot make any medical claims about our own products or the products of other companies as we are a food company. There are very strict regulations about this. Our coconut oil is, well, oil, and our Coconut Manna is like Coconut Butter. Both have their own uses, and we recommend that you visit our Nutiva Kitchen Recipe website to learn how to cook with each of these products.

  16. Connie Webb says:

    I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. will the coconut work on this??

  17. I submitted my question on Monday and have still not heard from you. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and want to know if the coconut oil will work for me?

    Thank you,

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Connie, as a food company, we are prohibited by federal law from making any direct medical claims, or offering direct medical advice of any kind.

  18. I have been using this product for about 8 months. I melt it and mix it with apple cidar vinegar (with the mother). It’s delicious. I also use it to brush my teeth. The flouride toothpaste made a layer of skin come off my gums every time I brushed. This doesn’t happen with the coconut oil. I love it as toothpaste. It get my mouth so clean.

  19. See above:
    The coconut oil and apple cidar vinegar is for salad dressing. oops

    • Tracy Teague says:

      Please post the specific recipe for your salad dressing using the coconut oil and ACV?

  20. I like to know if we can reused the coconut oil that we fried already something with it

  21. I also have been doing a lot of reading of coconut oil this past year. I am now using it for oil pulling (take a spoon full) and swash in my mouth for 20 twenty minutes a couple times a day to get my sinus under control. It is helping.

  22. Just want to say thanks for the post about the thyroid. I have fought this for over ten years, and just recently stabilized enough to lose 90 lbs, still have more to go. My diabetes complicates this, but definitly going to order the coconut oil now. Was going to anyway, as hubby had a stroke several years ago, and we have been reading on the benefits of this product, and how it could help us both. Anything that would cut down on the daily dose of pills I have to take to maintain a livable life style would really be a blessing.

    • Hi Gloria:
      Re. hypothyroidism, I assume. Check out Thyrogold. Dr. Lowe a research chiropractor and nutritionist researched this problem because his wife and he were both hypo-thyroid. He finally developed this product after 30 years. My wife and I suffer from hypothyroidism which is stress-related and gene related. We found Synthroid and Levaquin don’t work because they are not absorbed by the body being 4 iodines (T4) instead of 3 iodines (T3) hooked together. His product is over the counter, affordable and really worked for both of us. Feel free to email. I can share much more.

  23. Thanks to everyone for posting, each comment has helped tremendously.
    I’m a newbie to this and have much to learn.
    Blessings to all,

  24. I have always loved coconut milk but never, until recently, knew how good coconut oil was for you. I took it for granted. I got some other brand coconut oil but will order from here now.

    Thanks for all the comments.

  25. Arlene Bailey says:

    I love Coconut Oil and the milk also.

  26. I am a massage therapist and our spa uses this for massages !! It
    Works awesome !!

  27. Carole Westgaard says:

    Costco carries the absolute BEST coconut oil and at the best price. It’s 78 oz (2 qt, 14 oz) – and the brand IS: !!! — NUTIVA! It’s about 20 bucks for this size. Can’t beat it! Been buying it there for a few years – ever since they started carrying it.

  28. I am a newbie when it comes to good health/food. My grandma taught me to be a good cook, but not a healthy cook. I’m interested in the coconut manna. Would it be a replacement for butter, for instance to spread on toast, in cooking and also to use to make frosting with? Thank you!

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Kim,
      Our Coconut Manna is not a butter replacement for cooking, but can certainly be used instead of butter for spreads, frostings, and as a topping on baked potatoes or yams, drizzled over steamed veggies or dahl.

      Try our Coconut Oil as a 1 to 1 butter replacement. Cheers, and thanks for reaching out!

  29. My niece in New York has breast cancer as does my granddaughter’s mother-in-law who had both breasts removed. Both are in bad pain after taking chemo. I read about hemp oil and heard it could help those with cancer including those that had it on their skin. I have friends who have that, too. Should they rub it on or should they drink it? Please advise what to select. Also I am interested in buying your Organic Coconut Manna and Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I would very much appreciate it if you would get back to me today so I can place orders.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hello Margaret,
      We cannot comment on any connections that you’re referring to between Hemp Foods and illnesses such as cancer. Hemp is considered a super-food for its nutrition profile. What you’re most likely referring to is the various reports of “Hemp Oil” that have been circulating on the internet. Unfortunately, this is a misnomer. They are not really referring to Hemp Oil, but Cannabis Oil, also known as “Hash Oil.” We do not sell this product. Hemp Foods contain negligible trace amounts of THC and these foods have a very different chemical profile than the Cannabis Oil that’s being discussed online.

      We wish you the very best with your niece and your grand-daughter’s mother-in-law.

  30. Teresa Graham says:

    I purchased nutiva coconut oil and have noticed quite a nutty smell to it. I fed my dog coconut oil and she loved it, this Nutiva brand she will not eat. Could there be peanuts in it? Also is it ok to use in bird suet?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Teresa! Peanut products are present in the same manufacturing facility as our Virgin Coconut Oil (except for our peanut-free 54oz size), however, cross-contact is very unlikely. We’ve also never tried using coconut oil in bird suet, but let us know how it turns out! If you have any other questions regarding our coconut oil we encourage you to contact Thanks so much!

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