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4 Simple Steps Towards Improved Health

Every day our lives become increasingly complicated, busier and more rushed.  In this complex world we don’t need or want complex health solutions.  The key to success in anything is focus.

So try this – for the next 30 days pick just one health target to focus on.

  • Get an extra 20 minutes of exercise a day.  No matter how much exercise you already do take it up a notch.  If, like many people, you get no regular exercise start with 20 minutes of walking a day, just fast enough so that you can still carry on a conversation.  Make an effort to do it every day and if you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on the program and follow through.
  • Make one meal each day all fresh vegetables and fruit for desert.  Make it breakfast, lunch or dinner – it’s your choice.  Opt for a healthy salad or a vegetable soup and finish with some fresh seasonal fruit.  The nutrients and fiber (try Hemp Fiber too) will boost your energy in a major way.  You can use some nut oil, Hemp Oil, and vinegar for the salad dressing or vegetable stock for the soup base and keep it all veggie.
  • Staying properly hydrated is critical, so drink an extra 2 glasses of water (not soda, not coffee – water!) every day.  Try a glass of water a half hour before a meal as it will also help digestion and may decrease the amount of food you crave.  Substitute water for another drink that you would normally consume during the day – straight up or with a twist of lime or lemon if that’s more to your taste.
  • Have a 15-minute “time out” to meditate every afternoon.  Your meditation may be just sitting quietly somewhere peaceful or it could be an active meditation like a beach or forest walk, in silence, taking in the sound of the water and wind.  You might like to try some Tai Chi movements or gentle dance.  Don’t try and do it all at once but do it every day.

Just pick one thing to focus on and stay focused for 30 days.  By then the activity will become integrated into your life and so it becomes your lifestyle, no longer an “extra’ that you need to find time for.  When one positive activity is firmly integrated you can choose another one.  Over a year you can transform your wellness in ways you would not have imagined.

Author Credit: Dr. JB

Dr Jaroslav Boublik B.Sc.(Hons), Ph.D. (Med), MRACI, C.Chem. AACNEM has spent almost 30 years in medical research with 15 years in drug development and then 15 years in nutritional medicine.  He consults to the nutrition industry as a formulator, researcher, presenter and educator.

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