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A Glowing Review of Nutiva Organic HempShakes at A Natural Day

Get Your Protein With Organic Hempshakes

hempshake_lg_berryHemp is perhaps the best source of protein in the world, and Nutiva has done a super job in making it taste less like…well, bark. We love their Berry Pomegranate organic hempshake, which delights the taste buds and is full of all the right berries to keep you young and pretty forever. The sugar and chocolate in these shakes are fair trade, and the berries and nuts come are purchased from native peoples in the Amazon rainforest, thereby promoting environmental stewardship and helping to save the Amazon’s oh-so important ecosystem.

Thanks guys for the great review!
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More about Nutiva Organic HempShakes:

The powdered shakes contain nourishing superfoods, such as hemp, blueberries, pomegranates, açai and goji berries, maca root, and ramon nuts, that are rich not only in protein but in minerals, antioxidants, and healthful fatty acids. Hemp protein contains 66 percent edestin—easier to digest than soy—and, unlike most soy protein, isn’t processed with hexane solvents.

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  1. I totally agree! This product is really delicious. I’m really not a hemp lover myself until I tried one from Nutiva. Even my kids love it. I’m just thankful seeing them enjoy it and knowing that it’s healthy.

  2. I really hate the taste of the new formula of the berry. I used to love the shakes with strawberries, now not even with a mix of berries i can hide the taste.

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