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A Note on the 5lb Bulk Bag of Coconut Manna

Hi everyone!

We’re so thrilled with the responses that we’ve had to our new Coconut Manna™ product.  It’s delicious, nutritious, and our customers just can’t get enough of it.  Last week, we introduced our 5lb Bulk Bag, and we’ve found that some of our customers are having some trouble dealing with the bulk product.  We wanted to take a moment to outline who the bulk product is perfect for, and how to deal with it once you’ve got it!

Q. Coconut Manna™: How does a person dispense the bulk 5lb Coconut Manna™?

A. The 5lb bulk bag of Nutiva Coconut Manna™ is primarily intended as a food service item. Its main use will be in restaurants and smoothie bars and in food service applications. This unit is not intended for the home user unless they have a strong food preparation background.

The product needs to be melted in its entirety, blended, then poured into smaller containers. If you melt and pour off only a portion; only the oil will be removed. This will result in the remaining material comprised mostly of coconut fiber and protein. If this sounds too challenging please start with our 15oz jar.

View this HOW-TO VIDEO that we made for you.


  1. Ok… What if I don’t melt and blend it… And just open it, and by cutting it, separate it into equal portions for storage….

  2. Oh Gosh! I just received (2) 5 lb bags of it in today’s mail. Looking desperately for recipes. I had intended to sub it for butter in cookies for the kids, but I see that it won’t do. My original jar of manna seems to be the same solid that you spoke of. I believe its all fiber. I kept taking a spoonful when I had the urge, and I think I ate all the oil, so I just added coconut oil to it. I’m looking at these two big bags “what was I thinking” and what will I use it for. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Vviti,
      See Phoebe’s comment above regarding dealing with the 5lb bag. She did a great job. We’ve also produced a video to help you out (You were the catalyst for us making the video!) and we’ll have that posted over the next couple of days.

  3. I just received a five-pound bag of manna (I gave the other bag to a friend), and what I did was soak the sealed bag in warm water for about 10-15 minutes. Afterward, I cut the bag across the top and poured the contents into a large glass bowl. The oil and the fiber were definitely separated, so I used a wooden spatula to break up the pieces and blend the mixture until it was creamy. Then I poured it into small glass jars. Voila! I found that it worked really well that way and was very easy. I was excited and probably looked greedy with my numerous jars of manna, but I didn’t care; I was a happy girl! :)

  4. catinhouston says:

    How long will the unopened product last on the shelf?
    How long will the product last after opening and dividing the product as shown in the video?
    thank you!

  5. Well, now I know what to do with the 5lb bag of manna, but frankly I’m still trying to figure out exactly what Coconut Manna IS before I buy it! The website description doesn’t really take us through the process of how this stuff is made to give us a better idea of what we’re getting. A spreadable product made from dried coconut flesh almost sounds like it’s simply a mixture of coconut flour and coconut oil.

  6. Wenderwoman2 says:

    Thank you for the helpful comments about buying the bulk manna…kudos on helping your customers!

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