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Introducing New Red Palm Products


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new line of red palm oil products:

Buttery Spread • Shortening • Sunflower Red Palm Blend – Medium Heat Oil


Nutiva Nourish Foundation: Building Strong Communities


by Gretchen Grani

Helping People Do Great Things

We recently created the Nutiva Nourish Foundation to strengthen the capabilities and permanence of Nutiva’s philanthropic pursuits. We are excited about this development because it gives us the opportunity to support initiatives that we are passionate about and contribute in a meaningful way.


Supermarket Guru declares Nutiva Red Palm Oil a Hit


As big admirers of Phil Lempert, also known as the Supermarket Guru, we were delighted to see one of our products featured as a New Product Hit. Nutiva’s Organic Red Palm Oil was the “Hit of the Week” and earned a score of 95! Here’s what Phil has to say: “I bet you’ve never seen […]


On the Road with John Roulac


At Nutiva, we strive to bring you pure, healthy foods that are nourishing for you and your family. We think that the daily choices we make about food are connected to larger issues and that we all have the opportunity to positively impact our community and the environment. We believe in food transparency, sustainability, food […]


Coconut Oil: Extra-Virgin or Virgin?


At Nutiva, our goal has always been to source the purest possible coconut oil and provide you and your family with the freshest and most high quality product. We have our own quality standard and commitment that we’ve conveyed by using the term “extra virgin” on our labels. However, you’ll notice with our new look, […]


Same Superfoods, New Super Look: The Story of a Re-brand


Our superfoods are nourishing and healing, energizing and wholesome. They are foods that help you thrive. We felt it was time to change our outsides to better match our insides. It’s been almost 15 years since we’ve had a packaging update!