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Top 15 Fun Facts About Nutiva


Celebrating our 15th birthday has gotten us thinking about how far we’ve come. Did you know…


Celebrating 15 Years with Superfood Cupcakes


At Nutiva, we are celebrating our 15th birthday! We’re so grateful to our incredible community that has helped us grow. Together we can ensure a vibrant future by revolutionizing the way the world eats! But, no birthday would be complete without cupcakes.


Top 5 Things to Pack for Your Summer Travels


Summer wouldn’t be complete without a long road trip, family vacation or a single-day escape!

Pack up and head out with superior quality, wholesome food and products. Get prepared with these top 5 things to pack for your summer travels.


Introducing Nutiva Organic Refined Coconut Oil


We are very pleased to introduce our new Refined Coconut Oil (available in 23 oz. glass jars & 54 oz. BPA-free containers). Look for it at Whole Foods Market stores nationally and at

Unlike other companies that use chemicals, Nutiva Refined Coconut Oil is made though a steam refining process. Absolutely no chemicals are used!


DIY Sunscreen Made with Coconut Oil


Search the Internet, and you will likely find hundreds of recipes for “DIY Sunscreen.” Why? Consumers are tired of the standard, chemical-filled sunscreens that have flooded the marketplace. The Environmental Working Group has outlined “The Trouble with Sunscreen Chemicals,” and it is very apparent that toxicity is the underlying theme. Since we already knew that Coconut Oil has a (natural) SPF of about 8, it only makes sense that we could combine other ingredients for a stronger (sans-chemicals) SPF sunscreen.


Cracking the “Big Food” Brick Wall


Some of the biggest news in the food industry this year was the moment of General Mills (GM) converting Cheerios to a non-GMO cereal. In January, GM announced that it would halt the use of genetically modified ingredients in original yellow-box Cheerios. This cultural milestone signals not only the swelling consumer exodus from industrial GMO foods, but also the rise of the use of social media by foodies to change the conversation.