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Students are Thriving at the Tamesna School in Niger


At Nutiva, we believe that all kids deserve access to healthy food and education, which is why we support The Nomad Foundation through our 1% giving program. 1% of Nutiva’s sales are donated to sustainable agricultural and environmental programs throughout the world. We’ve donated $2 million so far!


With your help, the Ceres Community Garden Project can earn a $20,000 grant


At Nutiva, we are passionate supporters of community and school gardens. We contribute to the Ceres Community Garden through the Nutiva Nourish Foundation. Now, with your help, the Ceres Community Garden Project can earn a $20,000 grant.


Planting School Orchards in Richmond, CA with Common Vision


At Nutiva, we are working with Common Vision to plant an orchard of fruit trees in every public elementary, middle, and high school in Richmond by 2016.


Teens Turning Green – College Road Tour


Teens Turning Green is a student-led global movement to inspire environmentally sustainable and socially responsible choices for individuals, schools, and communities. We are thrilled to be a partner with Teens Turning Green, supporting their mission to educate and empower our future leaders about sustainability and the health of the planet.


Now Certified Gluten-Free!


We are excited to announce that we have obtained gluten-free certification for our Chia Seeds, Coconut Flour, and Coconut Sugar. 

A growing number of people are choosing to eat gluten-free, and many people must eat gluten-free out of medical necessity.


GMO Inside Launches New Campaign


A note from our Founder & CEO, John W. Roulac –

Dear Friends,

At Nutiva, we are passionate about food transparency and GMO labeling. I founded Nutiva in 1999 to disrupt the industrial food model that favors highly processed, nutrient-deficient foods over pure, organic nutrient-dense superfoods. Our every day food choices affect our health, families, communities and the planet. I am thrilled to be running a company that allows and encourages people to make better choices every day.