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CEO John Roulac Featured on

Our founder John Roulac featured in on the outcome of California’s proposition 37 GMO labeling initiative:

Don’t Be a Lab Rat

With the number of consumers worried about the health risks of GMO food, many were shocked that California voters didn’t pass Prop 37 in this year’s election. But John W. Roulac, founder and CEO of organic food company Nutiva, has a simple explanation: “Monsanto, Pepsi, General Mills, and their junk food allies want to hide what’s in their food.”

Nutiva is one of the steering committe members of a new campaign called “GMO Inside,” which aims to educate the public about genetically engineered foods.

“People are unaware that the majority of processed foods on the shelf now have genetically engineered ingredients in them,” says Todd Larsen, campaign director of GMO Inside and corporate responsibility director of Green America. “But there are non-GMO and organic alternatives to these foods.”

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