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Coconut Oil: Extra-Virgin or Virgin?

At Nutiva, our goal has always been to source the purest possible coconut oil and provide you and your family with the freshest and most high quality product. We have our own quality standard and commitment that we’ve conveyed by using the term “extra virgin” on our labels. However, you’ll notice with our new look, that we are now using the term “virgin” to describe our coconut oil rather than “extra virgin.” Despite this change, our quality commitment and process remain the same.


• We choose fresh coconuts that meet pre-determined sensory requirements that guarantee the best flavor, scent and purity.

• Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh and mature coconut meat; no heat is used.

• Our virgin coconut oil is in its purest form – unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized.

This process ensures that the smooth flavor, vital nutrients, and delicate fats are retained.

We embraced the term “extra virgin coconut oil” to distinguish our dedication to the highest quality. In the USA, there is no legal definition or standard for the term, “extra virgin” as it applies to coconut oil. In other countries, however, there are standards of identity regarding the term. For example, in Canada we have always labeled our same high quality coconut oil as “organic virgin coconut oil,” to comply with  regulations. As Nutiva continues to grow and offer our coconut oil to more countries with varying regulations, we want to create consistency across all our labels. For this reason, we will be using the term “organic virgin coconut oil” going forward, but our high quality product and processes will remain the same. You will see this change on our new packaging that will appear on shelves in early 2014.

In addition to our quality standards, we believe in giving back. We created a program through which we donate 1% of sales to sustainable agriculture and other environmental causes. As part of this program, we created our Coconut Tree Project. We’ve donated more than 30,000 coconut seedlings to coconut farmers in the Philippines to help support their endeavors. We’ve built lasting partnerships over the years, and we think of many of our coconut suppliers, not only as business associates, but also as friends. With the recent devastation from Typhoon Haiyen, we’ve redoubled our commitment and plan to donated 100,000 coconut seedlings by 2015. Learn more here.


  1. Jessieann says:

    The new labels are very pretty and will catch the eye and be a lovely addition to my kitchen shelves. Great idea!

  2. I have tried many brands of coconut oils and in my opinion your oil is the best.I like the mild flavor . I even bought it for my girls to put in they”er Birthday package. I use it for a lot more than cooking.

  3. Don’t understand ,Have never commented on this site before and was told I had ,with that said ,Still think it is the best oil on the market. thanks

  4. thank you

  5. Raphanthony says:

    Thanks for the explanation! This is the best coconut oil I have used. I love that it is organic and non gmo. It tastes great and awesome for your skin. The price is also the best considering the quality of the product. The new look is also very clean. Keep up the great work.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love your virgin coconut oil, it is amazing and makes me feel better. I also love the glass containers you use. I like to keep them and use them for different things like storage containers. So awesome!!! :)

  7. So is the oil really extra virgin like how they say extra virgin olive oil?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Padma. Our coconut oil is virgin. Please note that there is NO difference between Virgin and Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil. We previously used the term “extra-virgin” to emphasize our commitment to quality, however, as a leader in coconut oil, Nutiva is committed to complying with global regulations that do not allow the term “extra-virgin” in regard to coconut. When you see the term Virgin on our packaging, rest assured that the product is still the highest quality and has not changed. Thanks!

      • Are you saying it is the same oil in the new packaging? And that we are still getting the same oil we used to get that said “extra” virgin on the label? I’ve used your oil for a long time and the oil in the new packaging tastes and smells quite different to me, as well as a couple of my friends who have also used it long-term. It is most noticeable on popcorn and when used for oil pulling. Please explain, as it just doesn’t seem like the same oil now.

        • The Nutiva Team says:

          Hi Kathy! There is no difference between Virgin and Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil. We previously called our coconut oil “extra-virgin” to emphasize our commitment to quality, however as we move into international markets we have removed the term to comply with international regulations that disallow the term. Be assured that our product quality has not changed in any way. If you have any concerns pertaining to the quality of the coconut oil, please contact so our customer service team can resolve any issues. Thanks so much!

  8. I use your coconut oil everyday and love it. My only request is that you begin using glass jars for the 54 ounce jars instead of plastic. I would feel much better getting my oil from glass from both a health perspective and an environmental perspective. I would reuse them if they were glass or at least feel better about the glass actually getting recycled if I didn’t keep them. Thanks so much.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Nancy, thank you for your suggestion. While our plastic containers are BPA free, we also offer our 15oz and 23oz Virgin Coconut Oil in glass containers. Thanks!

  9. I just bought nutiva coconut oil at Costco, I do not see the non gmo label on it, and was wondering if it is?
    also is the container bpa free?



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