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Coconut Oil – Miracle Facial Cure!

 miracle facial cure!, September 20, 2011
By Nicole Leager –

i had moderate acne(cysts mostly on my temples and cheeks) and dry skin that drank up lotion as though it were in famine. recently, i’ve been nightly steaming my face, rubbing in the coconut oil, and then steaming it again and wiping off the excess oil. my face is clearing up exceptionally well, and instead of being both dry and oily, my skin is retaining an amazing glow. i have been doing the skin treatment along with eating a tbsp of it a day(i put it in my morning tea), and the result is nothing short of a miracle. i feel like a hippie saying it, but i am so glad i switched from putting weird chemical nonsense on my face to this routine. i also use it to fry eggs and chicken and i use it to deep condition my hair. i kinda want to preach about it to everyone, yet at the same time i want to keep it my little beauty secret.


  1. i love the stuff i use coconut oil for everything!!! And yes it has done miracles for my skin!

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