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Coconut Oil: The Healthiest All-Purpose Cooking Oil

Discover the amazing versatility of coconut oil

Coconut oil is ideal as a high-heat cooking oil, a “better than butter” replacement on bread and steamed veggies, or a tasty and nutritious substitute for shortening in baking.

We suggest you use coconut and palm oils for cooking, and olive (a heat-sensitive oil with a low smoke point), hemp oil, and flax oils for cold dressings. This will help increase your levels of healthy Lauric Acid, Omega-3, and GLA fatty acids, while lowering your intake of Omega-6 and junk oils. While we need to consume a 3:1 ratio of Omega-6s to Omega-3s, the average American diet provides a ratio of 15:1 and often 30:1 !

Discover delicious coconut oil recipes.

Also use Nutiva’s Coconut Oil as a soothing moisturizer for dry or sunburned skin, and a luscious massage oil.

Nutiva’s Extra-Virgin organic Coconut Oil is packaged in a 15, 29, & 54-ounce clear PET bottles, with bulk sizes offered in 1-, 5-, and 54-gallon containers.


  1. Yes I totally agree! Before, I love to use canola or olive oil in cooking. But right when I learned about virgin coconut oil and its health benefits, I didn’t think twice in shifting. This is indeed the healthiest all purpose cooking oil. And the taste is not a difference at all. I just love to know that I’m able to eat all I want but still stay healthy. Thanks VCO!

  2. I’ll be using virgin coconut oil in my cooking from now on. I’ve heard a lot from friends about the health benefits of VCO and have read about it too. After reading this article, I am more convinced to shift to VCO from now on. Great article! Really very helpful. Thanks!

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