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Certified Organic

We use the finest certified organic ingredients, grown without pesticides and herbicides — safer for you and for the planet. All our products are certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) and Ecocert (for use in the European Region (EU)).


Non-GMO Verified

We are concerned about the impact genetically modified organisms (GMOs) have on the health of people and planet. We have always had a non-GMO policy and we promise we will always source only non-GMO ingredients. All our products are verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.


Fair Trade

Our red palm products are certified fair-trade by Fair for Life. Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification assures that human rights are safeguarded at all stages of production, that workers enjoy good and fair working conditions and that smallholder farmers receive a fair share. Fair trade improves the livelihood of smallholder farmers and workers by providing the means for social community projects.

As of January 2014, we achieved fair-trade certification for our coconut oil in (2) sizes, our 15oz. and 23oz. glass containers. These sizes of coconut oil are fair-trade certified by Fair Trade USA. Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and the earth.



As of early 2014, we acquired gluten-free certification for our chia and coconut flour. Please look for the gluten-free symbol on our new packaging. In response to requests from our community, we are pursuing gluten-free certification for additional products.


Many of our products are certified kosher by Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America). Please refer to product packaging for details.

California Green Business

We obtained California Green Business certification in October 2013. This certification distinguishes businesses that protect, preserve and sustain the environment and verifies that we conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and are working to reduce our carbon footprint.

B Corp Certified

B Corporations are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Safe Quality Food (SQF)

We hold SQF certification which assures buyers and customers that food has been produced, processed and handled according to the highest standards.

If you have questions about these certifications or allergy concerns, please contact our Customer Service team at for more detailed information.