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Customer Testimonial for Nutiva 54 oz Coconut Oil

Check out this customer testimonial for Nutiva Coconut Oil

So many uses!!!

December 16, 2009
nvmac  (Nevada USA) –

CO54I just ‘wow’ed my co-workers with brownies made with coconut oil; chocolate and coconut go together so well. I’ve had limited success using it for psoriasis scars, but have only recently been using it daily, so we’ll see. I must be honest and admit I originally got a small jar of this for a personal lubricant for my wife and I. Coconut oil has been used in other countries to treat infections (down there) and after using this my wife has not experienced any of the issues which she was experiencing. We even tried glycerin free lubricants, to no avail. Additionally, I have seen good improvement in my nail fungus after incorporating it into my diet, which was getting worse but at least in my fingertips, is now almost completely gone. I’ve read that coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties and at least for me, it appears to be working.

This particular brand is advertised as cold pressed, not heated or chemically derived (using hexane), which is certainly desired. If things keep going the way they are going, I’m going to have this brand of coconut oil in the house at all times.

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