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Customer Testimonial: Why I left whey protein powder for Nutiva Hemp Protein Powder


I left whey protein powder and will never go back, March 1, 2010
By Frijole “Ben” (Birmingham, Alabama United States)
I’ve always used whey protein. Lately I’ve found whey protein powder to be harsh on my stomach. Genetically I have high cholesterol too, and whey protein powder does contain cholesterol.

So, I looked for an alternative. I wanted something organic that didn’t make a lot of ridiculous claims like the whey protein powders do. All that stuff those companies claim is garbage. All those protein powders are the same and they’re all overpriced. And no one polices that industry. Who knows the actual quality of all those whey protein powders? I figured there has to be some type of protein that doesn’t have cholesterol and that isn’t soy based (since I have a fear of estrogen).

My search basically came down to rice protein powder, yellow pea protein powder and hemp protein powder. After doing a bit of research, it seems that hemp has a lot of really healthy offerings. Sad that so many have abused it and created a stigma around it. So I chose the hemp protein powder.

Anyway, Nutiva is a company that seems to know what they’re doing. I checked out their website and it has a lot of great information and it’s well put together. And they don’t make ridiculous claims. Now, I’m not a hippie at all, but after watching documentaries like “Food, Inc” I have become more conscious of eating organic foods or at least foods from companies that have responsible practices.

The hemp protein powder itself tastes earthy. I don’t particularly like the taste, but all the whey protein powders (who claim to taste great) taste awful so I don’t really care too much. The only way I consume the hemp protein powder is in smoothies because a banana will cancel out most of the earthy flavor. Organic Peanut butter does a great job too. I use the Kirkland organic peanut butter from Costco, which is really good.

The best thing about the hemp protein powder is that it has fiber in it and is perfectly easy on my stomach. I was having issues in the bathroom before I started using the hemp protein powder and those issues stopped immediately after. We’ll just say the additional fiber in my diet helped me out. But my stomach never hurts after drinking a smoothie with the hemp protein in it, quite the opposite effect of the whey protein smoothies I was drinking.

I lift weights and train pretty hard 3-4 times a week and I feel like my recovery with the hemp protein powder is just as good (if not better) than my recovery with the whey protein. It’s bioavailable protein. Your body knows what to do with it.

I highly recommend this product. Even if you’re not a hippie.

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