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Dear Pharmacist: Your body needs an oil change

Here’s a great article from Suzy Cohen, a Registered Pharmacist, whose articles can be found at

Maybe Your Body Needs an Oil Change?

Dear Pharmacist,

I heard you say that cooking with “vegetable oil” was your least favorite oil. It’s all I’ve ever used. Why don’t you like it, and what oils should we cook with? – R.E., Austin, Texas

I think Americans lack the right fats in their bodies – for example, a healthy balance of linolenic acid, omega-3, -6 and -9. Balance is key so I recommend oils that are rich in nutrients known to advance health. I’m not thrilled with yellow-colored lard alternatives to butter, you’re better off with natural butter or ghee. Now here is my list of healthy oils:

Flaxseed: Packed with essential fatty acids, like linolenic acid and omegas, flax is known to reduce toxic forms of estrogen in the body, thereby reducing your risk of breast or prostate cancers. It has a subtle nutty flavor and high-quality versions are “cold pressed” rather than heated. Bear in mind any “cold-pressed” oil should not be heated beyond the smoke point.

Read the rest of Suzy Cohen’s Oil List HERE at

Here’s what she has to say about Coconut Oil (you didn’t think she’d leave Coconut Oil off of her list of healthy oils, did you?)

Coconut Oil – So many uses for this! It fights candida, helps digestion and tastes like coconuts. It may also chase away viruses. I often saute veggies with this, but it’s great for cooking at higher temperatures. You can add to smoothies, apply a tad to dry elbows, heels or skin irritations.

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  1. Pedropeyote says:

    why is nutiva suggesting an inferior oil (flax) when they have Hemp oil readily in stock?

    • We didn’t write that article. It was written by Suzy Cohen. Additionally, if you click through the “read more” link which forwards to the original article, you’ll notice that she outlines Hemp Seed Oil next on her list. You didn’t read the entire article.

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