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Dr Oz Covers Chia Seed as a Top 5 Supplement to have in your cabinet.

In his show, Dr. Oz talks about supplements being a key component of our diets to keep us healthy after age 50 and beyond.  Dr. Oz then talks about some common health concerns, such as low energy, bone health, weight, chronic disease, and Alzheimer’s.

It’s no surprise to us that Chia Seeds made his Top 5 Supplements list.

He recommends Chia Seeds for weight reduction, especially after our metabolism begins to slow.  He recommends taking 15 grams per day of chia seeds as a fiber source, grains and omega 3.

Watch the episode HERE.

Dr OZ talks Chia Seeds as a vital Supplement

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  1. Yo, chia seeds are bitchin’

  2. Yes I just bought some chia seeds at sprouts store but when will I see improvement in weight loss?

  3. Hello, i am a 28 yr. old female who weighs 110, and 5’4″. I want to use chia seeds for over all health. I was taking vitamin B, fish oil, and vitamin E. now i have stopped those supplements. I like chia seeds in gel form. What is a healthy amount a day? I don’t want to over do it? And if i exercise, can i consume more? I have low blood pressure as well and it doesn’t need lowered. I am in the Army National Guard and would like to help soldiers be more healthy, and lose weight. Merry Christmas! Thank you!


    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Gianna,
      Happy Holidays.

      Unfortunately we are a food company and not a supplements company. We are disallowed from making health or weight-loss claims with any of our products. We’re glad to hear that you have discontinued using supplements and instead going directly to the source. We would advise you to consult your nutritionist about getting a proper Omega 3 to Omega 6 balance. This imbalance is a huge problem with most diets today. Get into balance and your body will find its ideal weight.

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