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Nutiva Announces 2 New Dry Coconut Products

Cook with Coconut!

Nutiva Introduces Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Coconut Flour.

We are very excited to offer this new line of certified-organic dry coconut products for use in baking, smoothies, and snacks.  Nutiva Founder and CEO John W. Roulac wants these ingredients more readily available so people can explore new healthy recipes in their own kitchens:  “Nutiva customers have been asking us for several years now about coconut sugar, and coconut flour. We listened and are now receiving new shipments every month of these tasty organic coconut foods. We hope you try them!”

Organic Coconut Sugar Organic Coconut Flour


  1. Hi,

    Is your Coconut Manna a raw product? Was it dried at a temperature lower than 118 degrees Fahrenheit?

    Are your dried coconut products raw products? Were they dried at a temperature lower than 118 degrees Fahrenheit?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Judy,

      We don’t advertise our Coconut Manna as Raw, as the temperature can sometimes vary in the drying process. While it is sometimes dried at below 117 degrees, there are cases where the overall temperature exceeds this, and for now we’ve decided to leave the term “raw” off the labels until we can better control this within our supply line.

  2. Jessica Sander says:

    Are there any preservatives or additional additives? Or is it just 100% pure coconut?

  3. Is your coconut flour refined? Is that what “defatted” means? Is all coconut flour dried and defatted?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Denise,
      Yes, all coconut flour is created by removing the fat from the coconut meat and then removing the moisture from it.

  4. Is this coconut flour free of additives, preservatives &/or gluten? Thank you.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Teri,
      Yes, there are no additives in our Coconut Flour. Cheers, and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Is your coconut products gluten free? Also, are they safe for dogs?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      All of our coconut products are non-gluten. Many of our customers feed coconut oil to their dogs, and report wonderful results.

      • Linda Reynolds says:

        You say that all your coconut products are non gluten. As a Celiac I have found that is not the same as gluten free. Therefore I have to ask you before I purchase this (and a waffle iron) if your product is truly gluten free. I am aware that coconut has no gluten but if you make other products that do contain gluten (like your hemp seed which can’t be called gluten free because in Canada the hemp is planted next to wheat which blows on the hemp) then I am concerned. I still have the hemp seed (which I loved but when I stopped, the Celiac symptoms ceased) and before I go through expense, I thought it best to ask first. I also don’t understand why your coconut manna isn’t gluten free (I buy one that is). I purchased both that and your coconut oil and now I use the coconut oil (extra virgin) for personal use. Please understand that I understand that “gluten free” is becoming a fad right now but for some of us it is a wretched disease.
        Thank you,
        Linda A Reynolds

        • The Nutiva Team says:

          Hi Linda,
          We share your concern. We do not advertise any of our products as being “Gluten-Free” because airborne contamination is always a possibility. We do ensure that our production lines are thoroughly cleaned before each and every run, and that they are segregated from any other production which would cause contamination, but airborne contamination while still on the farm is virtually unpredictable and undetectable. Thus, we say Non-Gluten, and not “Gluten-Free.”

  6. Dear Nutiva team:

    Thank you for these wonderful products. I have nearly eliminated butter from my everyday cooking and baking and enjoy the ease of using both less oil and one that does not heat as fast or as hot as butter can. I find that controlling the heat of coconut oil is much easier (?). I also appreciate not having to deal with the milk solids in butter AND when popping popcorn with coconut oil the flavor is so good that there is no need for butter. I hope to see your coconut flour at Costco soon {please}.

    Thanks again!
    Angela Sposito

  7. do u sell coconut trees thank u debra

  8. do u all sell banna trees debra

  9. My son has life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. However, he can have coconuts. Are your coconut flours and oils safe for him…have them been packaged or processed on shared equipment or in a facility that handles nuts? I saw that the red palm oil had a warning label, but didn’t know about the others? I would love to try your products!!

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks a lot for reaching out. Our coconut oil, which contains coconuts and is defined as a tree nut by the FDA, is processed and packaged in a facility that also has peanuts and other tree nuts. However, the only thing present in the facility that processes and packages our coconut flour is coconut products.

  10. Judy Fowler says:

    I am doing the Virgin Diet and it calls for pea-rice protein powder. I am having the worst time trying to find this product. Do you carry such a product? Also, my daughter and I have been using your Hemp Shake (chocolate) all I can say is YUM!

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Judy,
      No, sorry. We carry Hemp, Coconut, Chia, and Red Palm Superfoods.
      We’re thrilled that you enjoy our Chocolate Hempshake. Thanks for your feedback and good luck with your diet!

  11. What happened to your shredded coconut and the coconut chips? They are my favorite, was going to reorder and don’t see them!

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Sadly, we had to discontinue those products. They weren’t doing very well, and keeping our supply chain open would require ordering in much larger volumes than our sales would support. We were also sad to see them go. Perhaps in the future we can bring them back, as demand increases. Thanks a lot for supporting Nutiva!

  12. Hi –

    Love your coconut oil. Have tried others and prefer Nutiva’s consistency and flavor. Kudos!
    I’m also putting in a vote for the return of dried coconut flakes and coconut butter to your product line. Thanks!

  13. Diane Zemliak says:

    Searched all over your website for the coconut chips to make my holiday treats. What happen to the dried coconut? I am so sad to see these products have disappeared. Your coconut chips were the best. I would buy the 3lb. bag and use them in everything. Please bring them back!!!! Anyway, still love all your coconut, hemp and chia products. Nutiva has the best quality and everyone at the health food stores recommends the Nutiva brand.

  14. Do you have to refridgerate after opening? I want to purchase the 25lb bag but dont have enough room in my freezer & refrigerator.

  15. Naakaki Texeira says:

    Hi, just wanted to confirm: I spoke with a (really nice) customer service agent at your 1-800 number regarding your coconut oil. He told me that the new 54 ounce size is produced in house and is not in contact with other tree nuts, besides the coconuts. However, I notice in one of the above posts it says that all of your coconut oil is processed in a plant with other tree nuts. Perhaps that just needs to be updated? Please let me know, thanks!

  16. Naakaki Texeira says:

    Oops, and forgot to add–no peanut contamination on either the flour or oil, correct?

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi again Naakaki! Our Coconut Flour is manufactured in a facility that has coconut products present. Thanks!

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