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Food Inc Opens in Movies Houses Across America

This major movie is ripping the curtain back from Big Food Inc. Even the new Obama USDA Sec of Ag requested a screening !

The debate of what we call food in America is growing and this film is part of that  change.  Many of us organic food advocates hope that new winds are blowing in DC that will shift the direction of how we grow and process food.

And the reviews are :

“MORE THAN A TERRIFIC MOVIE – IT’S AN IMPORTANT MOVIE. Essential and hard to shake.” – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“Smart and expertly shot, FOOD, INC. IS ESSENTIAL VIEWING.” – Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

“Does for the supermarket what ‘Jaws’ did for the beach.” – Variety

See: for more info.

Below is an excellent interview with the film director Robert Kenner and also food author Michael Pollen

“Our food has been fundamentally transformed without us really knowing about it,” Robert Kenner, producer and director of the new documentary “Food, Inc.,” said on this week’s installment of’s Web- only show “Washington Unplugged.”

“The tomatoes, as Michael calls them, they’re notional tomatoes,” he continued. “They look the same, they’re still bright red, but they no longer have the nutritional value. They’ve been changed.”

Pollan said we’ve reached this point because “we’ve been on this quest since World War Two to make food as cheap and abundant as possible.”

“It’s succeeded…but it’s almost succeeded too well,” he continued. “It’s making us fat. We have this tremendous problem with obesity and type two diabetes. And, as it turns out, cheap food has many, many hidden costs.” Among them, he said, are brutalized workers and animals.

Watch the full interview here

Here’s the trailer:


  1. waterfires says:

    It is rather the nonhuman animals first who are brutalized beyond our imagination. The torture these beings are forced to endure to provide flesh, dairy, eggs, pelts, fashion, sport, experimentation on, and entertainment is often ignored by the public or denied in our ever growing greed to use and dominate other beings at will. As a consequence of our deadened sensibilities, unthinking humans worldwide continue to poison their bodies, first with wrong food and then with ineffective medications that only contribute to our further demise. Peace Now! Go Vegan!

  2. waterfires says:

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