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Hemp Lovers Cause for Concern | Dry Weather Crisis in Western Canada

Organic Canadian hemp farmers are busy preparing to harvest their hemp crops right now. Nutiva is counting on a decent harvest to supply our delicious certifed-organic hemp seed, hemp oil, and hemp protein powders.
As many folks know, the funny weather this year caused most crop plantings in June 2010 to be delayed from 10-30 days in western Canada. Thus our hemp crops are 10+ days late. The good news was that in general  the weather in August  was for the most part   pretty warm with  decent rain  the provinces of Alberta, SK, and Manitoba. So hemp’s tall branch’s grew fast and seeds are becoming ripe for harvest.

Now we just need some warm conditions to get the last growth spurt, combined with dry weather so the harvesting equipment can get into the fields. And no frost to hurt the crops. May the weather god’s smile on the hemp harvest. And our hard working hemp farmers be rewarded for growing this amazing super food.

Note: many hemp foods sold are not certified-organic.
Did you know that organic hemp farming use rotations with plants to fix nitrogen into the soil ? Much healthier for the soil and all critters that we live with.  Most non-organic hemp farmers order their fertilizer from chemical dealers, and when applied into the soil cause runoff in lakes and streams. The gulf of Mexico has a huge dead-zone over 50 miles wide caused by these same non-organic chemical fertilizers. So when choosing hemp foods, look for the USDA Organic Symbol and choose an ethical brand which is focused on organics.
As they say- don’t panic go organic !

OK enough of the go organic stuff ; )……the next 2 weeks are key for hemp farmers. Nutiva will be reporting on this on our Blog,FaceBook and Twitter. So check back


  1. If only we could kick in the counties of North Dakota, the USA number one producer of the blue-flowered canola plant, we would have a more reliable supply of seed to crush. And, our beautiful songbird populations, while in transit from South America to North America, would be well nourished along their ancient flight routes.

  2. Interesting, I would love to see more pics of the crop and more details about the farming practices.

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