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Hemp May Become Legal To Eat in Australia and New Zealand

This is pretty interesting: The Organization Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is currently looking at whether or not to legalize hemp as a food product in Australia and New Zealand.  They have progressed as far as recognizing that eating hemp foods does not constitute a public health risk.  We’re watching as this important movement unfolds, and we’ll keep you updated too!  Viva la Hemp!


Article From: The Sydney Morning Herald

ONCE you could smoke it, then you could wear it, now maybe you can eat it. Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is seeking public comment on requested changes to the food code to allow hemp to be eaten. But it will not make you high. While industrial hemp belongs to the cannabis family, it is a distant cousin of the kind that produces marijuana.

Deemed to have no pyschoactive properties due to low levels of delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp is produced in Australia for fibre, food for pets and livestock, and oil for cosmetics, but to date the oil may not be used for human food.

FSANZ yesterday announced a period of public comment on two requests for changes to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code including the hemp request, raised by Dr Andrew Katelaris.

Chief Executive Officer, Steve McCutcheon, said in a statement that FSANZ’s responsibility was to ensure that the use of hemp in food should be safe for consumers.

“We have concluded that the consumption of hemp foods does not pose a public health and safety risk”.

It is the second time FSANZ has come to such a conclusion about hemp, but the last time it made a submission to the government, in 2002, it was rejected by the state, territory and federal health ministers.

A spokeswoman for FSANZ, Lydia Buchtmann, said hemp was a healthy oil which was already used extensively in the cosmetics industry in Australia and in the many other countries for food such as muesli bars, non-soy cheeses and tofu, general oils. The seeds can also be eaten raw or roasted.

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Article Credit: Jen Rosenberg

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