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Jerry Brown Vetoes Industrial Hemp

Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Hemp Legalization in California

In a veto message, Jerry California Governor Brown said federal law considers industrial hemp to be a regulated, controlled substance, and that failure to obtain a federal permit would subject California farmers to federal prosecution.

“Although I am not signing this measure, I do support a change in federal law,” Brown said in a veto message. “Products made from hemp – clothes, food, and bath products – are legally sold in California every day. It is absurd that hemp is being imported into the state, but our farmers cannot grow it.”

Nutiva CEO John W Roulac commented ” This is a sad day and this veto will only hurt California farmers, workers, and business’s such as Nutiva who want to grow this renewable non-drug crop.”

Nutiva imports millions of dollars worth of Canadian hempseeds every year due to antiquated laws that prevent US farmers from growing industrial.

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