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Message From Nutiva Founder John Roulac



As the days are warming up, it’s the perfect time to spend more time outdoors. Personally, I’m going to jump on my bike in a minute and ride to a lake and go for a swim!

What are your plans this summer to explore the natural world? Be it a lovely park in NYC, backpack in the Sierras, or take the kids for a walk on a leafy green-lined street.

I hope you will also consider enjoying as much fresh and organic foods. This way you will be even healthier while you experience these lazy days of summer.

And for those of us who are workaholics – let’s all remember to slow down a bit and enjoy life. Don’t worry, your emails and Twitter messages will be there when we get back from our walk, bike ride, yoga class or run!

In this newsletter we have a delicious Hemp Salad recipe, and a super discount of Nutiva’s Organic Hemp Oil in Green Glass. Also, check out the movie review of “Food, Inc.” – you do not want to miss this movie!

In Health
John W Roulac
Nutiva Founder & CEO

P.S.: In August I will give you an update of hunting for coconuts in the Philippines and the latest weight loss results from Brenda and Lupe in our Diet Makeover.

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