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Make-up Artist Kandee Johnson Recommends Nutiva Hempshakes for Fitness and Weight Loss

The Healthy Crossroads of Fashion and Nutrition

By Mark Bielski
Nutiva Internet Sales and Customer Service Manager

When do we look our best? When we are feeling our best. How do we feel our best? Probably not on Big Macs and Big Gulp sodas. Certainly, genes play their part in overall health as well as our environment but making the most of what we are given can be influenced greatly by what we choose to eat and the activities we engage in. David Wolfe’s book Eating for Beauty is a good example of how the foods we eat can affect the way we feel and the way we look.

Kandee Johnson, a young, well known YouTube make up artist, with a flair for creating amazing looks, looks amazing herself, and she attributes this in part to her diet and workout routine. She recently made a YouTube video to address her viewers’ frequently asked questions about her lifestyle and how it affects her well being. In it she recommends Nutiva’s Hempshakes in the mornings as an integral part of her weight loss and fitness program.

Many of you are already familiar with The Nutiva Diet Makeover plan which is a program we developed for weight loss and well being. In it we recommend switching out unhealthy fats in your diet for coconut oil and hemp oil and using our other hempseed products; the shelled hempseeds, hemp protein powder, and Hempshakes. It is also important on this plan to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic whenever possible, and to eliminate the junk fats and foods from your diet.

In a tribute to Kandee and her fans, Nutiva has decided to extend our Hempshake sale on our website at until June 1st.

Thanks, Kandee, for being a loyal Nutiva fan and for sharing your enthusiasm and zest for life with your followers.

Here is her video mentioning the Nutiva Hempshake products:


  1. Love her tips and video’s and thanks to her comments on Nutiva, I’m going to give it a go.

    Love lots Rosio-

  2. I came to Nutiva on the advice of Kandee myself….
    and i was so happy to see the sale since im always hesitant about trying new ‘health’ things! (i bought the 3 pack of hemp shakes for $30 and got free shipping! which is a fantastic deal!!! keep this one running and i will be back!)
    ive only been trying the shakes for about a week or so now so no comments on the weight loss …but heres my thoughts…:
    ~im not a big chocolate person but so far..this is the best, due to the finer ground in the powder its not so ‘seedy’ and tends to blend better with my hand blender! it also has a malty flavor…i add a banana and do it as my morning routine with my vitamins
    ~love the flavor of the berry blend…but its way to grainy….NUTIVA…PLEASE find a way to get this finer ground?!?!?
    ~havent tried the acai yet…….

  3. Cheeklaiful says:

    I bought both the chocolate and the pom-berry that she shows in the video. I wasn’t smart enought to check out the webstite first so, i paid full price at the local healthful store. I just might have to stock up now! Many Thanks to Kandee and to the people of Nutiva.

  4. Christa says:

    I love Kandees blog. Thanks to her I discovered Nutiva’s hempshakes. I mix the Amazon Acai and Berry Pomegranate flavors for a breakfast shake every morning. Its super delicious, keeps me full until lunch and gives me a burst of energy. The best part is I’ve been trying forever to loose the last ten pounds to reach my highschool weight (impossible I thought) and now with these shakes Im halfway there!

  5. Aww I love Kandee! She convinced me to grab the hempshakes! I been on a plan to have a healthier diet but with smaller portioned meals throughout the day I sort of lose track of the needed amount of protein. I love it because it’s low calorie/high protein/natural drink to add to my diet.

  6. Lucinda says:

    Hi there,
    Kandee Johnson is so full of positive energy and I recently purchased Nutiva Hempshakes after watching her YouTube videos. However as i am based in the UK there appears to be very few stockists and I can’t get the ‘sale’ price. Will you be extending this offer to the UK?

    Many thanks,

    Mark @ Nutiva Customer Service Replies:
    Hi Lucinda, Sorry, we are not offering the Hempshake Sale in the UK but you can purchase them at regular price there at

  7. I ordered my Hemp shakes after Kandee recommended them on her blog. I just got them today and tried my first Chocolate one. Ok to be honest it didnt taste like I thought BUT I think I will be getting used to it. I think it will be yummy with a bannana in it. But Im LOVING how much fiber and protein are in it and its not full of calories. Im pretty impressed.

    Mark @ Nutiva Customer Service replies:
    Thanks, for buying our Hempshakes Lori. Yes, adding a banana will make the shake creamier and if you add a couple of pitted dates as well it will taste amazing.

  8. I also watch Kandees make up tutorial and went to this site after she mentioned it. Go kandee!
    She looks great and the shakes sound amazing.
    Im going to try and buy some while there on sale.
    Thankyou nutivia for extending your hempshake sale!!!!<3

  9. I watch Kandees videos and saw this one and decided to give it a go. So I bought the Berry Pomegranate for a little more then $20. And I love it, I also mix it with the maca powder. Since I liked it so much I went on you alls website and bought 3 more bottles (one Chocolate and 2 more of the berry one, because the Acai was sold out!) and a couple of the 3 pack trial packs. Thank you sooo much for running the special, I saved like $30 that way! I wish I would have just ordered them all from you. I will be ordering more!
    X’s and O’s
    Rachel C.

  10. I wacth Kandees videos everyday and i just like her personality it reminds a lot of me . She is a sweetheart and i find about your shakes from her log I am gonna give it a tried it seems like everyone is having a blast with them. Thank you so much guys for extend the time and making this possible. I am going to get my shakes tomorrow. Thank you!!! xoxooxox.

  11. Claudia says:

    i watch kandee tutorial and are awesome… she mentioned the hempshake so i am going to buy the berry pomegranate to give it a try… thank you so much for the special…



  12. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy for kandeeeeeeee (and the hemp shakes)!!!I didnt even realize that “hemp protien” was an option till I came across kandees vidoes, and im a personal trainer!!! Its an AWSOME breakfast or lunch meal. It does tatse a little different but you get use to it, especially when you realize all the amazing benefits of its giving you in return! I make mine in soy milk or water depending on how heavy I want it, a banana, 2-3 few figgs or dates, a tsp of cod liver oil, and a squirt of honey. It tastes soo creamy and sweet! Everyone should give hemp a try and share the recipies!


  13. I love Kandee’s video’s. She is so GREAT and INSPIRING! I saw her youtube video about Hemp Shakes and was scared to try them. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and thought I’d go ahead and give it a try. I’m going to purchase them right after this. I hope I lose the last 10 pounds I’ve been wanting to lose for a while now. Thanks Kandee! & Nutiva!

  14. I’m trying Hempshakes b/c of Kandee and I love them!

  15. Would like to know if a pregnant woman can take these shakes, Thanks in advance for your help. =)

    From Mark @ Nutiva:
    from our Hemp Expert:
    No long term studies have been done concerning the safety of using hemp by pregnant women. But based on compositional studies on hemp seeds and oil, there is no indication that hemp foods pose any risk to mother and infant.

  16. Yep. Kandee.

    She’s great.

    A new discovery for me but I’m hooked on her.

    So real and honest and fun and pretty.

  17. I looooove ,Loooove Kandee!I found her by accident!!lol!!I am obsessed with her!!I can’t believe she has THREE kids!!They are beautiful!!!I love how hr teaches us how to do makeup and how she get’s her style!!I cut one of my old shirts and I can’t wait to make leg warmers!!!I just need to know how she gets her bangs to stick up like that I love it!Kandee show me!Make a video on ur hair routine!Anyway I really want to order the hemp shakes 4 my bfriend!!He needs to loose like 100 pds!My brother is getting married in Sept and I want him to look fabulous 4 it!!Thanks Kandee!!Come to New York!!!Long Island!U can stay with me!!!:)!

  18. Thanks to KANDEE I bought all three shakes, I got them yesterday and have not tried them yet because I was going to buy Almond milk to make some of the recipes I have read in KANDEE’s blog and also here. Please if you have any ideas to make shakes better, let me know. I have a question: I read that someone DID NOT like the Acai hemp shake and was able to return it? is that possible?.
    Mark@Nutiva responds: Please send your request to our customer service email which is help1 at and we will assist you.

  19. Michelle, Belgium says:

    Helllooow :-)
    I watched Kandees video about the shakes and really want to try it myself… BUT I can’t buy it here in Belgium and I was wondering if it’s possible to have it shipped to Belgium… (can’t find it on your site)
    Mark, can you help me?

    PS: lovin’ Kandees vids! she ROCKS! :)

    Mark@Nutiva replies: Please try our UK distributor at

  20. I have watched Kandee’s video about the hemp shakes and have read everyones responses. I am just curious has anyone lost weight from drinking these shakes? Thanks so much!

  21. I’ve been drinking the berry pomegranate shake for about a week… I’ve been experimenting and my favorite way to drink it is 2Tbsp hemp shake with 8 oz. almond milk, a fresh or frozen banana and/or 3 chopped dates, and a handful or more of frozen and/or fresh mixed berries and strawberries… smoothie style. I haven’t lost any weight yet. I’m just enjoying the shakes or rather smoothies. I need to jump on that elliptical now! I honestly can say I feel full of energy after drinking a shake… I’ve replaced my coffee indulgence with them. Caffeine just stresses me out.

  22. I love the taste of the chocolate shake, but something makes mine froth up too much. HELP! Any suggestions? I use soy milk & sometimes rice milk, haven’t added any fruits yet. Thanks!

    • Hi mijizanine

      I just heard back from our resident Nutiva foodie, and she suggests the following solution for your over-frothy shakes:

      “I’d say add a little ice. The guar gum is what binds the HempShakes. It allows the fiber to stay suspended which may account for the frothiness. Adding a little ice may tame it down. Try adding 2 dates and 1/2 banana its my favorite Choc HShake recipe.”

      I hope this helps!
      Be well

  23. I just ordered two chocolate and one berry pomegranet with free shipping (thanks kandee!) And I will be trying them as part of my healthy diet. I will be updating with my results!

  24. Hi I just wanted to say I learned about the hemp shakes from kandee… She sold me.She is AWESOME! She’s getting a LOT of people to buy them! GO KANDEE!!! :)

  25. Yeah, I forgot to mention in my last post… big Kandee fan!

  26. How do I get the Fred Meyer here to carry it? They only carry the coconut oil as far as I can see. I think they have the largest health food/organic selection around here.

  27. Hi,
    I’m keen to try the shakes, is it possible to get them in Australia? I couldn’t find any Australian websites selling them.


  28. I’m seeing this posting a bit late, but I just wanted to chime in. I’m am Kandee fan and now I am a Nutiva fan as well!

  29. Wow! I just started watching Kandee’s videos and came to this site, because of her, too. I hope you guys are giving her like a lifetime supply of shakes, because she is bringing you a lot of business. :)

    Kandee rocks!

  30. think i’m going to try the shakes. I’m from the UK so can’t get it anywhere much cheaper than the revital site, which sucks… you lucky Americans!! :-) xx

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