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Make Your Own Garlic and Onion Powder

Cut out preservatives and make your own garlic and onion powder.

Cut out preservatives and make your own garlic and onion powder.

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the complexity of things that we forget about the simple pleasures in life. Reclaiming moments of simplicity can give us great ease and help us to find gratitude in the little things. Ready to take a break from the complicated? Try this incredibly simple recipe to make your own preservative free garlic and onion powder!

Just like making your own Homemade Hummus or Homemade Superfood Milk, making your own garlic and onion powder comes with great benefits. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Ingredient for garlic powder: garlic. It's as easy as that.

Ingredients for garlic powder: garlic. It’s as easy as that.

No preservatives or additives

We love that making food powders at home allows you to avoid nasty artificial ingredients and preservatives like MSG, food coloring and BHT, just to name a few. Naturally-grown foods were designed by nature to eventually decompose, not to last on your shelf for years on end. Take a peek in your spice cabinet… how long has that garlic powder been in there?  Really.

You handpick the ingredients

Making your own garlic or onion powder lets you be completely in control of the source of the ingredients, so you can be sure that the onions and garlic are totally organic and maybe even local if you pick them up at a Farmer’s Market! You can rest easy knowing you picked only the best ingredients for your DIY powders.

It’s so easy

Really, it is. All you’ll need for garlic powder is garlic. All you’ll need for onion powder is onion. Can it get easier than that? Prep time is minimal (especially for the onion) and then it’s all up to your oven or dehydrator to do the rest. Don’t forget to grab one of your glass jars that are ready to be reused exactly for this purpose!

Once you’ve made your powders, you can include them in a number of tasty and customizable homemade spice blends. You may even come up with a signature spice blend!

The key to getting your garlic and onion dehydrated all the way is even and thin slices.

The key to getting your garlic and onion dehydrated all the way is even and thin slices.

It’s important to thinly and evenly slice your garlic or onion in order for them to dehydrate in an equal amount of time. You can either use the oven (at the lowest setting possible – usually between 150 and 200 degrees) or a dehydrator.

Here are the incredibly easy steps to making your own garlic or onion powder:

  • Thinly and evenly slice either 2 garlic bulbs or one onion
  • Spread onion or garlic on a baking sheet (if using the oven) or straight into the dehydrator
  • If you are using the oven, heat it to the lowest setting possible. Place your baking sheet into the oven and let it sit for about 2 hours. Check on your onion or garlic every 30 minutes or so. Remember, we want to dehydrate, not burn the ingredients.
  • Remove when ingredients are brittle. They should break evenly with out any hesitation. If they are still slightly moist, they will cake quicker and may go rancid because of the water content.
  • Place completely dry ingredients in a spice grinder, high powered blender or mortar & pestle and grind.
  • Store and enjoy!
  • Extra Garlic tip – if you love garlic, you can break these dehydrated and thinly slice pieces and sprinkle them on potatoes, salads, soups, etc.
Lay out your onion or garlic on a baking sheet.

For easier clean up, lining your baking sheet with wax or parchment paper is always an option.

Have you ever made your own spice blends at home? What’s your favorite thing about making things at home? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. JK hudson says:

    I can tell you from experience, you Do Not Want to do this in your house. Take that dehydrator to the garage or porch but it will stink up your house for days if you do it inside!

    • Ana Victoria says:

      Hi JK Hudson,
      I love this comment! Call me crazy, but I love the scent of roasted garlic all over my house. ;) This is a GREAT tip though, and I know many will appreciate the advice. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  2. I agree, I love the smell of garlic all over my house!

  3. Timothy O'Keefe says:

    I love making red bell pepper powder in the dehydrator. Just follow the directions above and grind up in a coffe grinder or vitamix. Sprinkle it on top of some fresh coconut water with some fresh almond milk and the juice of 2 english cucumbers. Great summer time alkalizing cooler. Yum!

    • Ana Victoria says:

      Wow Timothy, that sounds amazing! I’ll have to try that out. Thank you SO much for sharing such a unique recipe.

  4. Thanks JK, I was wondering about the smell!

    • Ana Victoria says:

      It’s definitely a good thing to remember. Let us know how you like your homemade garlic/onion powder Joanna!

  5. Another advantage to making your own is knowing it won’t have wheat or gluten in it. Most brands (even organic) of onion or garlic powder contain gluten.

  6. Here’s an idea for your garlic/onion powders. I save small attractive glass bottles that come from an assortment of products such as capers, pesto, pepperoncini’s, relishes, etc. I clean them well, remove the labels (sometimes need to use steel wool or Goof Off). Then I spray paint the metal lids black (gloss). Use your favorite color. The glossy black looks sleek and classy on my cantilevered wooden shelves in the kitchen. I store spices, nuts, bay leaves, raisins, etc. The look of all different shaped bottles is eye catching, visitors almost always ask about them. Enjoy!

  7. Hi,
    One of my favorite things to do with the granulated onion is to take a 1: 1: 4 ratio & mix them up for a ‘California Blend’. That’s 1 measure of dried green onion (the whole onion sliced, dried and crushed – just slice it up & put on a paper towel for 24 hrs or until dried crispy) 1 measure of dried parsley and 4 measures of granulated onion. I usually make batches, so 1/4 c. green onion, 1/4 c. parsley, 1 cup onion. Mix them together in a chopper so the bits are fine enough to go through the holes in the shaker. I save my glass spice shakers for reuse. (I really like the idea of spray painting the lids for a custom look. Thanks!) Great Flavor for all dishes. I do the same with granulated garlic only I leave out the onion, just parsley on a 1: 3 ratio. Super good mixed with Parmesan for garlic bread!

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