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Mike Adams’ Review: Nutiva’s New Hemp Protein Boasts Best Taste, Easier Mixing

This Nutiva Hemp Protein review comes from Natural News’ own Mike Adams.  Thanks Mike!

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 12.22.57 PMMost hemp protein products leave a lot to be desired in the taste category. Two weeks ago, in fact, I publicly admitted that I had stopped consuming hemp protein because the taste just wasn’t keep pace with the far better tasting brown rice protein formulas like SunWarrior. But Nutiva has just raised the standard with a new hemp protein product that tastes far superior to any hemp protein product I’ve ever tried.

It’s called Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein and it boasts 50% protein content with a finer, easier-to-mix texture that’s impressively smooth. But the best part is the vastly improved taste. Instead of the typical bitter hemp taste you might expect in such a protein, this one tastes more like stabilized rice bran (to me, at least), which is a sort of rich fatty cereal type of taste.

Remember, too, that the fats in hemp protein are super healthy, consisting of a very high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids. The Nutiva company also earns my enthusiastic recommendation, as its founder John Roulac is a huge supporter of natural living, natural health and sustainable agriculture.

Nutiva has a winner here. I’ve sampled their new formula in chocolate smoothies, and all the typical bitter taste of other hemp proteins was completely gone. I’m not sure how Nutiva managed to create this improved taste, but it didn’t involve any additional ingredients. The product still contains only raw, certified organic hemp protein, and that’s it. No sweeteners, no fillers, nothing else!

It’s also a hexane-free formula (hexane is a common chemical contaminant found in low-quality protein extracts).

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