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New Three-Pound Bulk Size Organic Hempseed and Hemp Protein.

Nutiva Introduces New Three-Pound Bulk Size Organic Hempseed and Hemp Protein.

The new three-pound bags are certified-organic and vacuum-sealed.

Save $5 on any three-pound Hempseed or Hemp Protein with this coupon code: 3poundersavings

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“The word is spreading fast that hemp is a nutritional powerhouse. By buying it in bulk, our customers can now save money and reduce packaging waste,” says Nutiva CEO and Founder John W. Roulac.

1 tablespoon of Hempseed or Hemp Protein Powder contains 48% of the RDI of magnesium—vital to 300 human biochemical processes.

Nutiva customer Daily Juice of Austin, Texas, serves up delicious Hemp Mate Lattes and Hemp Smoothies at their two locations. Says owner Matt Wahrer, “Nutiva’s Hempseed and Protein are amazing superfoods. Our hemp-based Tropical Transfusion is one of our top three sellers, and a top requested additive to all of our smoothies. We love to support hemp.”


  1. I want to purchase 2 3-lb bags of hemp protein powder. Your landing page offered a $5 discount using the code 3poundersavings. I tried to enter the code and was told it was invalid. Please fix this or I will not be interested in doing any business with you.

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