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Nutiva 54 oz Organic Coconut Oil Review

By Mir from North Miami Beach, FL USA

This organic coconut oil is a marvelous product with some interesting health benefits (google it up). You can use it in baking, frying, in sauces, for vegan raw pies, mix with chocolate for puddings, moisturize your hair or skin, soothe rough elbows, etc.

This melts really fast in a pan, so you don’t need a high heat. I fry eggs in it, and the coconut taste is subtle. Any ethnic dish that requires sauteeing or saucing and can benefit from a fresh coconut flavor, this is useful. I’ve cooked meats in it, as well. If you hate the smell/taste of coconut, obviously, this is not for you.

This brand, Nutiva, is organic and virgin. It smells so good. And I have an old jar that I never finished (really big one), and nearly two years later, after sitting right by the stove, it still smells fresh, like Cuban coconut candy my mom used to make. Yes, solid and fresh and white and fragrant TWO YEARS LATER. This is a very stable product. NUTIVA makes the best coconut oil I’ve tried.

Larger size a bargain for beautifully fresh smelling, versatile, organic, extra virgin coconut oil–and this is the BEST brand.

July 27, 2009 Recommended.

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