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Nutiva Basketball Camp Provides Opportunity


For three days, 30 Richmond youth showed up at Nutiva’s headquarters to run, dribble, pass, rebound, defend, shoot and swish. For a brief time, Nutiva staff members left their forklifts, production lines, and desks to run drills, check in, serve healthy snacks, and observe all the fun. Above all, the camp provided opportunities for the youth (and us big kids) to be healthy for a couple of hours.


Experts say youth need to engage in moderate to vigorous activity for at least 60 minutes everyday to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle ( Instilling healthy eating habits and introducing nutritious foods is another key for raising healthy kids. Given the rise in diet-related issues such as obesity and diabetes, America’s youth clearly need more opportunities for exercise as well as more opportunities to eat nutritious foods.


Nutiva saw an opportunity to help and stepped in to provide both to local Richmond youth during their Spring Break. Parents welcomed the help, commenting, “This is great for the community, the children need something like this,” and “I’m glad you offered this because my kids weren’t going to do anything during the break.”

The youth responded positively too. Little Maximiliano said at the end of the first day that his bones were tired, then he fell soundly asleep. Others like Manuel were in it for the fun, claiming that’s why he showed up. I heard Nutiva CEO John Roulac on the court saying the same thing!


The fun eventually came to an end, as t-shirts, trophies, certificates, and words of praise were handed out. The kids were both tired and elated, thanking the coaches and asking when the next camp was going to be held. I’m not sure who is looking forward to next year’s camp more, the kids or the Nutiva staff.



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