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Nutiva Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin Health

Here’s a review we wanted to share from the product page for Nutiva’s delicious unrefined organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Readers may not be aware that Coconut Oil has a long and ancient use as a healing hair oil and tonic.

Why buy costly impure cremes and lotions loaded with chemicals, perfumes and other junk and rub this on your skin? Women – and guys too – never put something on your skin that you would not eat. Why? Because what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body.

Also for those couples looking to add some spice in the their love life. Explore using our organic coconut oil as a luscious massage oil.

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Lovely Product for Hair and Skin!

By Sissy S (London, UK and New York, USA), January 24, 2009

I must admit I haven’t tried cooking with this oil yet, but I’m certainly looking forward to it. Instead, my review will focus on using Nutiva Organic Coconut oil as a beautifying product. I bought the 54-ounce jar for using on my hair and skin. So here’s what I think of it as part of a beauty/skincare/haircare regime.

This is a fantastic product at a great price. Sure, you could get a jar of coconut oil at the grocery store but it’s quality wouldn’t compare to Nutiva coconut oil which is food quality, organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined. I was so excited when this product arrived that I tried it out immediately. The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell. The product smells good enough to eat straight out of the container and I admit I did taste a bit while applying it to my skin and hair.

My other observation is that it melts so easily in the hands and applies so well to both hair and skin. My less expensive, refined Superdrug coconut oil cannot compare to Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. The cheaper coconut oils have hard, white bits in them and do not smell like actual coconut. Nutiva is smooth/silky and melts easily in the hands without leaving behind white balls/clumps that the cheaper refined coconut oils have. I love Nutiva so much that I emptied all my cheap Superdrug coconut oil into the rubbish bin and scooped some Nutiva Coconut oil into the little Superdrug canister and put it in my bathroom for easy access.

I am using Nutiva a few times a week on my body and hair. Before bed, I scoop some Nutiva onto my hands and rub my hands together causing it to melt. It melts quickly and I rub it onto my skin and hair (can be applied to wet, damp, or dry hair easily). I saturate my hair with it and use a shower cap to do an overnight heavy oiling treatment. In the morning I shower as normal and shampoo or condition it out using a clarifying conditioner. This creates beautifully silky, shiny hair and skin! There are so many benefits to the body using this oil. I highly recommend it and hope that it will always be sold on Amazon.

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  1. I have noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and scars as well as a tightening of the skin which lasts even after washing the coconut oil off.

    My dry skin patches, eczema, psoriasis, and even oily skin problem areas have all but vanished. Old acne scars from my late teens are disappearing and my skin is so silky smooth that I am enjoying a youthful, smooth, glowing skin.

    I also notice that I have less muscle strain and muscle aches when I use coconut l as a muscle rub. I spend 10 to 12 hours per day typing and the coconut oil keeps me going!

    I used to simply use coconut oil for stir frying and as a butter replacement. I have noticed so many more benefits such as weightloss and clearer skin since I began to consume more of it and began using it as a skin treatment.

  2. It’s very great nutrition for the hair. I hear from many people about its efficiency.

  3. I come from the Philippines, and yes, we took it for granted that
    everyone knows your hair needs coconut milk/oil to keep it
    healthy, soft and smooth.  At that time, there were no coconut oil
    packaged products so we just have to climb a tree and break one open
    every time we need one!  I’m happy to find that I can still use coconut
    oil for my hair even if I already live in the US!

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