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Nutiva Coconut Oil is AMAZING!! – A Customer Review


Hello,About 8 weeks ago I started using Coconut Oil.  3 months ago, a friend of mine mentioned to me that they had started incorporating Coconut Oil into their diet and briefly went over some of the benefits of using it.  I was skeptical.  The following week Coconut Oil came up in four separate conversations with different people, one of them being a complete stranger!  I thought to myself that CLEARLY there’s a common message and I should do my own research.   I spent 5 hours researching the benefits of Coconut Oil.  I read websites, community forums, blogs, etc.After much consideration I purchased Nutiva.   I started using it sparingly and have worked up to 3 tablespoons a day.  I have replaced olive oil completely!!  I use Coconut Oil everytime I cook, put it in my oatmeal, use it in my protein shake, you name it!! I even give it to my dog!

Since I’ve incorporated Nutiva into my diet my body has changed too!  I have never seen the muscles in my midsection.  I’ve been working out consistantly for 4 years.  Now I have abs!!!  The only thing that’s different is I added Nutiva!!!

I introduced Nutiva to my dad shortly after I started using it.  We are convinced that Nutiva is the reason that his blood pressure went down and he has since stopped taking his prescription blood pressure medication.  AMAZING!!

Now I tell EVERYBODY about Nutiva!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!  Nutiva has transformed my body completely!!!  I will use your brand for the rest of my life.

I have attached a picture of my new Nutiva body.

Raquel Lopez


  1. I love Nutiva coconut oil way more than another brand I have also tried. The smell is amazing. I use it to cook my morning eggs, and in oatmeal.

  2. I have been using Nutiva Coconut Oil for sometime now. I have recently started using it with Red Palm oil to cook my eggs in, in the morning. You have to try it to believe it! It has not caused me to gain any weight and has a wonderful taste. Try it, I know your’ll like it!

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