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Nutiva Coconut Oil Product Review

coconutPosted on Amazon Reviews, June 19, 2009
By Aka ” Bookworm”

I got interested in Coconut Oil after reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, a wonderful book. After reviewing a few other brands of CO, I decided on this one. It has been a godsend in every way.

1. Tastes great – I use Nutiva in my day to day cooking. For those worried about the strong coconut taste, I’ve found that if I use it in less stronger flavored foods like toast or oatmeal, the coconut flavor is marked (and delicious in my opinion, but I understand it’s not for everyone.)However, when I use in my regular cooking which is usually with a lot of spices etc. I can’t taste it at all. Also, if you don’t like the taste, you can use it with olive oil (one part olive oil, one part coconut oil) and you’ll still get the benefits of this wonderful oil.

2. Beauty applications – I used Nutiva ONCE in my hair (kept it overnight and washed the next morning) and my previous hair loss was reduced by 50%. Each time I’ve used it, I’ve lost less hair. It also is a marvellous massage oil that leaves your skin looking better than before – probably due to its antibacterial & antifungal properties which work on facial blemishes.

3. Medicinal – I suffer from eczema and I’d grown very very tired of the topical steroid creams not working for me. Not to mention I was worried about how the steroid was being absorbed into my bloodstream too. The last time I had an eczema breakout I applied coconut oil as a trial. Usually it takes me anywhere from 2-6 weeks to completely diffuse the breakout. With the Nutiva CO, it was gone in 2 days. BRILLIANT! My life’s so much easier with this. Also, whenever I’ve had any type of skin breakout, applying Nutiva CO has provided instant and long lasting relief.


Try Nutiva Coconut Oil for yourself.

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