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Nutiva Diet Makeover- Improve your Diet the Organic Way Now on YouTube

Learn how two women are losing body weight and improving their health. Discover one key weight loss secret of switching out “bad fats” of junk veggie corn,soy & canola oils for “good fats” of Hemp, Olive, and Coconut oils. While it’s hard to believe the average American diet consists of 20% soy oil in total calories. This negatively impacts our heart, hormone,skin, and brain functions and leads to greater inflammation. The Youtube clip is a reality TV showing the industrial foods they were eating and then the new healthier foods they have switched to. This is a great example of the fact that people can lose weight by eating lot’s of healthy fats by incorporating  organic fruits and veggies into their diet.


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  1. Judy Harris says:

    This makes a lot of sense! We’re already using the coconut oil, but I will be checking our foods for the bad oils (I’m sure theres a lot). Thank you so much for this information!

  2. Thanks for all the great info. What would you suggest substituting for mayonnaise or Miracle Whip or honey mustard mayonnaise? Hard to imagine sandwiches without it.

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