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Nutiva Discusses Diversity and Inclusiveness

diversity training blog headerAs an organization that values Community, Nutiva promotes inclusiveness. We recently enjoyed a rich discussion with Diversity Training consultant Jasmine Schlafke when she visited Nutiva Headquarters to lead the dialogue with our staff. We gave real examples, shared stories and opened up about a sometimes uncomfortable and unspoken topic.

The openness of the conversation was inspiring. We sat in groups of 5, working together to examine our own definitions of racism and give examples of institutional, educational, environmental, and personal racism. We touched on everything from racial profiling at airports to chemical dumping in low-income neighborhoods. In its simplest form, we learned that Racism = Prejudice + Power.

Afterwards Jasmine noted, “I was struck by the honest quality of conversation among your staff—it’s highly unusual in my experience with corporations. People at various levels of the power structure collaborated well, shared freely, and showed a higher level of consciousness and critical thinking not typically displayed.

The purpose of the training wasn’t just to increase our education and honor our core Community value. It was to inform us that how we show up in our community outreach and corporate giving is important. Are we just charity givers with a preconceived notion about who we are giving to, or are we allies with the recipients of our 1% Program donations? Earnest questions have been opened up here today, and the dialogue continues.

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