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Nutiva Supports Urban Gardens

Richmond Seed Library, Richmond, CaliforniaRichmond Grows, a non-profit providing seeds to the community through the Richmond Public Library’s Seed Lending Program, got some well-deserved press on NBC Nightly News. Under the program, residents “borrow” seeds and plant them, let some plants go to seed, and then return some of these next generation seeds for others to borrow.

Nutiva has long been a supporter of urban gardening and saw Richmond Grows’ potential and value right away. Shortly after settling into its new community, Nutiva granted through its 1% Program a donation towards the non-profit’s general operations.

This isn’t the first time Nutiva has funded programs addressing the importance of seeds, see the Nutiva-funded film Seeds of Freedom. A grass roots movement is under way in the United States to save the seeds of one year’s harvest to plant in the next. It’s how people farmed for centuries and how many farmers in India and Africa continue to farm. It’s a farming legacy that is in peril.5991694849_290f38ccd9_b

Commercial seed giants like Monsanto threaten this way of farming by monopolizing seed varieties, creating new GMO seeds, and contributing to the elimination of seed varieties and thus the degradation of genetic biodiversity.

The sixty or so seed libraries across the nation serve to increase the preservation of seed diversity by providing 100s of seed varieties for resident growers. Seed libraries also address the growing concern over food access, see USDA’s newly updated Food Access Research Atlas. Seed libraries provide an opportunity for residents, who can’t otherwise afford to, to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs in their own backyards, thus improving their access to healthy affordable food.

Nutiva supports urban gardens, seed diversity, non-GMO seeds, and food access as ways to nourish people and planet, accelerate the organic-food movement, and revolutionize the way we eat.

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