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Nutiva To Discontinue Food Bar

Effective May 24, 2012,  Nutiva will no longer offer its three organic foods bars:  Hemp Chocolate, Flax Raisin, and Original Hempseed. While we know this may disappoint some of our long-term food bar customers, we felt we needed to make this decision for several reasons.

First, our overall sales of the bars were quite low and we had freshness issues as the product sat in our warehouse.

Second, The bar sector is very competitive and it was starting to seem as though a new bar offering was entering the market almost every week!  Also, Nutiva bars are seed-based and most people preferred bars that were not so rich in seeds.

Lastly, we are refocusing Nutiva’s energy on our core products such as coconut oil and hempseed and chia seed.  Nutiva has some ideas to make a different type of organic food bar and may review this in the coming years.

Nutiva CEO & Founder John W. Roulac said “Dropping our bars was not an easy decision to make.  Our first product was the Nutiva hempseed bar. These bars caused a real ruckus with the US federal government.”

Back in 1999 Nutiva was ordered to return our inventory of hemp bars to US Customs because some government staffer felt they were “illegal.”  We of course ignored them and went on to pioneer hemp foods as a mainstream superfood.

Thank you to our customers for your support and your understanding.


  1. Tammy Coriell says:

    Is that why the hemp were on Tuesday special ? The last ones I received where stale was hoping these weren’t.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Tammy, no, we don’t have any “old stock” sitting around. FYI, all of our products carry a money-back guaranty. If you receive these, and they’re stale, contact our customer service line ASAP, and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

      The last ones you say were stale when you received them; did you get them directly from us, or from another supplier? Were they past their expiry date? Did you call us for a refund? Just wondering. I want to make sure that you’re well taken care of. Thanks!

  2. Marilyn says:

    So, if you aren’t going to sell them anymore, how about giving us the recipe?

  3. Very sad. I was so happy to have just found these!
    Sad that bars that are healthy do not sell. So very sad!

    I am going to have to start making almost every processed thing I eat.
    The recipe shared would be a kindness to me and others who still want to put health first!

  4. Dear Nutiva,

    Please consider posting a recipe on how we could potentially re-create the bar at home!


  5. I always wanted to try these and but now they are gone. Please, someone from the Nutiva kitchen provide a recipe to make these at home maybe incorporating coconut oil, manna etc. I buy bags of the hemp seed and put it on everything. I would love to be able to have a portable healthy snack. Thank you!

  6. Very disappointed to hear of this decision! I just bought the bars last week and LOVE them! Hope I can buy some today with the Tuesday special.
    Can’t you reconsider?

  7. (Sorry, didn’t mean to post my other comment twice, but it didn’t seem that it was going up.)

    Anyway, just talked to Mark, very nice man, and found out that I cannot buy any today. The lack of notice was NOT good business, IMO. If I’d known, I would have stocked up.

    I was going to add another box to my Nutiva Tuesday deal and now I’m not buying anything at all. Maybe by next Tuesday my fit of pique will be over, maybe not. I do know of another website that sells the products much more cheaply all the time, with free shipping.

  8. I’ve been enjoying Nutive hempseed bars for a couple of years now. It’s been a long time since I ate any other. It is very sad to hear you will no longer offer them. I wish you would consider offering just one of the flavors.

    • Great idea, Robert! Just ONE flavor should be less expense and trouble, yet we could still buy and enjoy the seedy (why is that word usually derogatory?!) bars again.

      Okay, SEED FILLED!! Seed bountiful. Seedlicious. Seedheavenly. Seed …. whatever.

  9. Dang! Recipe, please?

  10. It would be awesome if Nutiva could post a recipe for these bars for people who enjoyed them. Many people would love to make these at home if they’re no longer available for purchase.

  11. Daisy Lara says:

    :( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I just found these a couple weeks ago. I buy a couple at a time from Pharmaca. I look for them everywhere & they are so hard to find. I am deeply sad. I gave up all other bars including LaraBars which were my favorite for years. but my love affair has ended since I found Nutiva Hemp Bars. I appreciate the omega 3’s from the flax seeds, very low sugar (8g) compare to LaraBars (20g). love that they are satisfying and do not taste overly sweet. They make me soo happy when I’m eating one. Oh how my heart is broken. Please give them another chance I will pass out flyers and buy samples for everyone I will leave them at doorsteps so people can try them I will make youtube videos & tell everyone why your bars are so good :) but If you must do what you must do, & do create a new bar; please remember why I loved them 1. Flax seeds 2. few ingredients 3. 8g of sugar 4. did I mention Flax seeds & Hemp (OMEGA 3’s!!) and yummy. buy the way the chocolate is my favorite ;) Blessings, Daisy

    • Also, Daisy Lara, mention that it takes TIME to eat them. You can practically inhale other bars. These are a slow, enjoyable eat… lots of chewing!

      I’ve found them elsewhere and bought four boxes, which will not last forever.

      Bring ‘em back!!!!!

  12. I am so sad to see these gone as well! I loved the original. Having all the seeds was the best part. If you haven’t sold them all yet – is it possible to call in an order??

    It would be so awesome to get the recipe!

  13. Wanda Warmus says:


  14. HOW CAN THIS BE??????? Nutiva bars are the only ones I have eaten for years. They are the perfect in-between-meals snack that provides valuable nutrition at the same time. Why would anyone object to the seeds in these bars? They are so good for you! Because I have a nut allergy, this was one of very few bars that I could eat. This is truly a sad day. I have no idea where I will find a replacement. They were so easy to pack for a trip. Because I have many food allergies, your bars often came to the rescue for me when I could find nothing in a local restaurant to eat.

    Please reconsider your decision–or at least offer one kind. Your chocolate ones were the best!

  15. Oh man! I can’t believe sales of these bars weren’t great. They were my favorite Nutivva product! I turned on a few of my friends to hemp seeds using those delicious Original Hemp Bars. I only wish that I had seen this notice before May, so that I could have stocked up. I am going to go sob now.

  16. Matthew says:

    This makes me sad :(

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hey Matthew.

      It makes us sad too. We wish that there had been a higher demand for them. Someday, maybe?

  17. This is horrible news – I love these bars especially the chocolate ones, does anyone know anything similar or recipes?

  18. Very disappointing – I bought about a dozen bars to test them out a few months ago and Nutiva’s chocolate hemp protein was the best, and the only one I’ve eaten until this week when I ran out and couldn’t find them available. Even several months ago they weren’t easy to find – ordered them from since I couldn’t find them in any Southern CA stores.

  19. Please reconsider the decision to discontinue the flaxseed & rasin bars.

    There’s enough of us out here who’d pay double the price for this product.

  20. Joan Brassill says:

    I Missed the flax seed and rasin bars when you first stopped making them and I still miss them. Wish you would offer them again.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Joan. We loved them too. Supply and demand. There just wasnt’ enough demand. Perhaps we’ll see an increase in interest at some point in the future. Thanks for commenting!

  21. I just heard about these bars the other day, and I was excited to try them. I found this page, so I guess I’ll never get to. I’m bummed. Do you guys have any recommendations for other healthy nut/seed bars?

  22. Hello. Have you reached any conclusions about releasing a recipe? (You told Taylor 2 years ago that you were considering it.) We love these bars and i ordered boxes of them every Christmas since i discovered them until we moved two years ago, and money was too tight for anything except fixing the house. Now we’re able to order again and they are gone. *sniff*
    I hope the demand increases enough that you could offer them again. (Chocolate and plain seed!) In the meantime, would you provide a recipe? I really don’t think that providing a recipe hurts your chances of selling them again- first of all, something bought and something made at home never taste the same. Sometimes home is better, sometimes not, Certainly, home is rarely as consistent.
    Secondly (and most importantly), one of the reasons people like bars is they are *convenient*- they are ready to eat, easily transportable, last longer and are less bruisable than other healthy transportable foods (like fruit or baby carrots). Making your own reduces the convenience dramatically. I make a lot of things from scratch, and i would still choose to buy these over making them if given the choice, because one of the things i like about them is that i can keep them in the purse, the diaper bag, my daughters’ bags, the glove box, etc. so that if we find ourselves out, hungry, and without time/opportunity to make something healthy, we have something healthy right there, ready for us. Even if i make them at home, i can’t package them in such a way that they’ll hang around well like a tightly sealed commercially produced one does.
    Thirdly, it doesn’t have to be *the* recipe…. just something approximate. If i still had an old package, i’d take the ingredients list and start experimenting. I don’t suppose you’d post the old ingredients lists if you don’t feel you can risk posting a recipe, would you?
    Thank you for your time,

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Sarah! We appreciate your enthusiasm for our our hemp bars! Unfortunately we do not have a recipe to share, but we can give you the ingredients. The Hemp Chocolate Bar contains the following: Sunflower Seeds, Honey, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Cocoa Liquor, Crisp Brown Rice, & Hemp Seeds. The Hempseed Original Bar contains Sunflower Kernels, Honey, Flax Seeds, Hemp Seeds, & Pumpkin Seeds. We’re so sorry we don’t have the recipe available, but hopefully this information helps you out! Thanks so much for your support :)

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