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Nutiva’s New Headquarters – A First Look

Nutiva has been a pioneer in getting hemp and coconut oil food products to consumers. Nutiva started out sharing space with an organic coffee company, then moved into its own office and warehouse space two years ago. Now we’re moving to a larger building in Oxnard, CA.


  1. All the best on the move. Love you food products! I share them with my audiences.

    Adam Hart

    • Thanks Adam.
      Great site. Would you mind terribly if we shared your site with OUR Audience? ;)

      • I appreciate it, please do. I also have my first book just published called e3 for LIFE. I would love to send you guys a copy to take a look at. Lots of great plant based recipes. Who should I send it to?

        I look forward to staying in touch


  2. Hi folks, congrats on the expansion. A note on the bamboo flooring…… It is grass, and is not as hard as a wood. Plan to repair it more frequently, and cover it where the chairs move at the desks. I know by experience in my home. There are chair mats made for a hard surfaces.

    Enjoy! Bruce from Clearwater Florida

  3. Healthycoconut says:

    Happy to know your business is thriving. I love your products and glad to support a local company here in Souther California.

    ~ Lea
    Healthy Coconut (

    • Thanks Lea.
      Great blog. Have you tried our Coconut Manna yet? We’d love to see you try it out in a few recipes. Let us know if you’re interested, we’re looking for some new recipes to link our readers to.

  4. hey…congrats…great seeing your dream come more alive each day…beautiful space…YES JR

  5. been using your coconut oil for a while now for SOOOOO many things and sharing it with everyone I know ….. it is WONDERFUL in so many ways …. THANK YOU !!!!!

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