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Nutiva’s Tribe Plays with Sticks

Wow… Nutiva has just had a great experience with Peace Sticks! About 20 of us in our Richmond Headquarters came together for an afternoon of play.  Brothers Shine and Evan Riling from Ojai led this amazing interaction with us, and then and made some killer Nutiva smoothies with deep purple berries!

Peace Sticks are very simple, but have remarkable affects on the participants. Two beautifully painted sticks are passed between partners to the rhythm of a drum beat. The rhythm and movement becomes a dance where energy is created and exchanged.

Graphic Designer Nancy Spellman describes it: “I liked the energy and the flow and the movement. Let your brain shut off, just pure energy connecting between people. Not focusing on anything else. The energy is tangible.”

Warehouse Warrior Denny McDaniel felt transformed: “I’m big on universal things. I’m big on community. Even though I feel it’s already here, I felt closer. It kind of got us out of our comfort zone–especially looking directly into each other’s eyes. I don’t really do that. It opened up another part of me.”

It’s easy to get lost in the day to day, you know? Peace Sticks have been used in many companies as a way to have fun, blow off stress, and create stronger shared experiences amongst employees.  Nutiva values Community and Well-Being, so this kind of tribal togetherness reminds us of the bigger picture.
Read more about the surprising benefits of Peace Sticks HERE.



As you continue to play you enter deeper and deeper into the zone, where you are able to act effortlessly from your deepest power. The opportunity to discover our true ability and strength gives you the confidence to meet the world with peace and offer your true gifts.

Physical: Cardio work out, relives stress, oxygenates all cells in the body, increases reflexes, hand eye coordination, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Mental: Connects neural pathways between left and right hemispheres of the brain, shown to increase mental abilities, development, and help mental disorders such as dyslexia.

Emotional/ social: The practice is based on non-judgment and collaboration. This creates the opportunity for us to experience and discover ourselves and others on a very deep level building true self confidence and friendship.

Spiritual: In this technology age our minds are often flooded with stimulation and information from computers, cell phones, video games, etc.
This leads to high levels of stress, and a disconnection from ourselves and nature. Peace Sticks is one of the quickest and easiest ways to enter into a state of clear mind, meditation. This allows us to connect with our spirit, to hear and feel our own heart and being, and bring forth our unique gifts and healing into the world.


  1. Hi
    My family and I absolutely love your coconut oil. I use it in all of my cooking, skin and hair care, oil pulling for the whole family, and when not feeling well, we eat it by the spoonfuls. I have sold many friends and family on it too. However, due to our concern for our health, and the environment, We have been guarded on continuing to use it for the sole reason it is only packaged in plastic containers. We do realize the whole idea of “pet plastics” and the not containing BPAs. However, plastic is plastic it is made by chemical process and materials and it does not break down in a natural manner. I do not feel convinced that the whole story of it being now safe to use just because it does not have BPA. I am certain the other chems in it will be soon realized and yet another form will be known to cause the same toxic reactions to humans and environment. Glass is the only safe bet at this time for both human and environmental safe use as far as toxins contained and leaching into food products and the environment. We know that glass can be recycled 100% and takes less energy to do so than the recycling and reproduction of plastics, If in fact the person who disposes of the container in a proper recycling disposal. Otherwise it ends up in the water ways, and lands to only become litter and toxic pollution and a danger to wildlife. Glass, on the other hand, will end up in the oceans to become what it was in its origin; Sand. It is only a danger if it breaks and becomes a sharp object.
    I have looked at your wonderful web site. Their is obviously a lot of knowledge, integrity, hard work and love that goes into your products. and it shows. That’s so wonderful.
    With some searching, I have found another company with the same great qualities, and same pure wonderful oil, although, more expensive, some of their coconut oil is offered in glass jars. The company offers both pet plastic and glass containers. I suppose the extra cost is due to the extra expense in the extra weight of the glass jars in shipping. I am willing to pay that extra for the insurance of knowing my pristine coconut oil is stored in the most safe and healthy way.
    I would love to continue to purchase Nutiva products so I can save on shipping costs, and I know, all of my friends and family and people in general would appreciate to, at least, have the option of one or two glass container options.
    Thank You for the past of great coconut oil and being an example to the rest of the world for being a great healthy, and sustainable, food producing company. I hope to see glass alternatives in your packaging so I can be one of your proud customers again.

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