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Why is Organic Trade Association defending Kashi for selling “natural” cereal that is GMO?

7 of Kashi's products are currently non-GMO certified. Does this create an unrealistic expectation regarding many other Kashi products that are not non-GMO?

By now, you’re all likely aware of the stir caused recently when it came to light that Kashi’s “all natural” brand of cereals are (admittedly) sourced with known-GMO ingredients, a move which is not “all natural.”

From USA Today:

The controversy went viral a week ago after a Rhode Island grocer tacked a note to one of his store shelves, telling customers he wouldn’t sell the cereal because he found out the brand used genetically engineered, non-organic ingredients. Photos of the note began popping up on Facebook pages and food blogs as some consumers claimed Kellogg was misrepresenting its cereal.

(Read the rest of this article HERE.)

This situation was also covered in this excellent article from, who have also posted a Cereal Scorecard  which you can use to better inform your purchase decisions.

From Cornucopia: 

A photo of a sign explaining why Kashi cereal products were pulled from the shelves of a natural foods retailer has sparked an angry consumer backlash aimed at Kashi for its use of suspect cereal ingredients.

The sign appeared in the aisles of the Green Grocer, based in Portsmouth, R.I. Owner John Wood read a report from The Cornucopia Institute, Cereal Crimes, that detailed the use of GMO grains and the presence of pesticide residues found on conventional grains that were then packaged as “natural” cereals for sale, by Kashi, to health-conscious consumers. Kashi, one of the nation’s leading “natural” brands, owned by Kellogg, was one of the brands featured in the report. Cereal Crimes contrasts the natural cereals with certified organic cereals which prohibit genetically modified grains and synthetic pesticides in organic food production.

Now, what we want to know, is why on Earth would the Organic Trade Association rush to defend Kellogg, instead of rushing to defend Organics!

From the USA Today article:

Kellogg is not misleading people, says Barbara Haumann of the Organic Trade Association in Brattleboro, Vt. Consumers “are totally confused” and don’t understand that the only way to get organic food is to buy organic, she says.

Not misleading people?  Are you serious?

What do you think of this turn of events?  Do you believe that the FDA should be required to review the definition of the word “Natural” to prevent false advertising, and deceptive practices within the food and health industries?

Let us know in the Comments Section below!


Also, here’s Kashi’s  video response to the social media outcry.  I especially enjoy the implication that Kashi’s GMO ingredients could be the result of wind-blown contaminants.  Very classy.




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