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Product Testimonial: Nutiva Hempseeds

Nutiva Hempseeds: Super!, October 29, 2009
By Aiis Taiko “Ai” (San Francisco , CA)
Nutiva organic hempseeds are great in my morning smoothies along with flax, chia seeds, almond milk, Boku superfood, rice powder, fruits. Delicious/nutritious way to start the day….and sustaining energy!  Years ago, i started buying hempseeds by one pound amounts from a bulk section and realized the air exposure may not be good to the product, so i found these 3 lb bags online…. They arrive fresh every time….in addition, this is helping support the Hemp industry in general….by buying food, clothing, personal care products made from Hemp, we are voting!


  1. Nutiva hempseeds are my new addiction. I eat them every morning with 0% non-fat Greek yogurt and honey; for a snack on brown rice cakes with a bit of good cheese, melted; in my dinner salads; sprinkled on soup; or a small handful before I work out. They are filling, have high protein content, low carbs, great nutrition (iron, folic acid, vitamin B’s) and truly sustain my energy levels. They help with weight loss too – forget those whey or soy based protein bars! I have lost 10 lbs in 2 months doing nothing differently except exchanging hemp for soy/whey. Between your hempseeds and Salad Booster (by Living Intentions, another raw superfood) I am a new person. THANKS!

  2. Janalee Riley says:

    I”m looking for a product that is high in protein and I’m not sure if this is the best product to serve my purpose . It seems to me whey protein has a higher % of protein than what is in the hempseeds . Is this correct? I would like to try your product if it provides enough protein . What is your return policy?
    Looking forward to learning more and using your product to loose the ten pounds I have left.

    Looking forward to your reply
    Love and light,

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