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Raw Food Goddess Ani Phyo Interview On the Renegade Health Show


Author and health advocate Ani Phyo has written several books on raw foods and has been featured on the Bizarre Food Network, ABC TV and more.

Ani is a big fan of Nutiva, and we of are her as well ! In this interview below she talks about how she got into raw foods and how to eat healthy on the road. She loves organic hemp seeds and hemp protein and coconut oil. Ani radiates good health and understands eating live super foods such hemp foods (hemp oil and hempseed)and coconut oil help keep her fit and full of energy.

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom too.

We found this article at Natural News.   You can find out more about Ani Phyo at her site, HERE.

(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni’s Renegade Health Inner Circle, which can be found at In this excerpt, Ani Phyo shares on gourmet raw, what’s in her pantry and the best blenders for home and travel.

Renegade Health Inner Circle with Ani Phyo. Ani Phyo is a raw food chef extraordinaire and the author of Anis Raw Food Kitchen and Ani’s Raw Food Desserts.

Kevin: I am excited to have Ani Phyo with us today. Today’s going to be really fun. Why don’t you tell people who don’t know who you are kind of how you got into this whole arena.

Ani: Sure, okay. Let’s see. I was really lucky to have been raised on a lot of raw food. My father was a raw fooder. That was like the previous generation of raw. It was when raw food was really about the functionality. So my mom would make vegetable juices with everything that was ripe in the garden that day, without any consideration for visual color or look or flavor. It was more about put everything in there because it’s good for you and hold your breath and chug it down and get it into your body because it was good for you.

Then around the mid-90s when I was in San Franciscoduring the whole dot-com boom, explosion, the multi-media gulch, I came upon a restaurant in San Francisco. For the first time I was introduced to a gourmet raw, this new wave of gourmet raw food, without really realizing that is was the same philosophy of what I had been raised with. As I started learning about that and discovering how it affected my body and gave me mental clarity and focus and kept me from getting sick and made my productivity very high, I started delving into it and making more of that food for myself. As I would have somebody over to dinner or go to dinner I’d be making more of it and sharing it. Everyone that would taste the food would be interested in it because everyone that I talked with wants to look and feel their best and get the most out of life and stay healthy and not be sick, all of that great stuff, be their ideal weight.

So I guess by the late 90s I had started doing more catering and events and dinners. When I went down to Los Angeles I was doing weekly dinners for 50-100 people, before there were any raw restaurants down here, really just as a service to the raw community because there were not restaurants. But also for selfish reasons because I needed to feed myself. It was like extreme gourmet. I would be soaking, dehydrating, marinating, sprouting. Really complex recipes. I don’t enjoy doing that when making the food for myself. It’s all about sharing it with others. So by having these events I could have a reason for making this food and then I’d have food to eat up to those events and then leftovers after the events. That would carry me through the week. So that’s really how I got started, for selfish reasons, to have food to feed myself.


  1. It’s time for more of us to realize how much what we eat affects our health! Choose organic food, and it means taking a step further in fighting synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals or biotechnology (i.e., genetically modified organisms, or GMO), contained by large scale industrial agribusiness’ food.

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