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Same Superfoods, New Super Look: The Story of a Re-brand

Our superfoods are nourishing and healing, energizing and wholesome. They are foods that help you thrive. We felt it was time to change our outsides to better match our insides. It’s been almost 15 years since we’ve had a packaging update! You know what was popular 15 years ago? Austin Powers, Pokemon, the Backstreet Boys. Organic foods were on the rise, but not as ever present as they are now. People were just starting to talk about genetic modification of foods.

We wanted our updated look to feel fresh, healthy and vital. We haven’t changed a thing about what’s inside the packaging! We’re as healthy and wholesome and natural as ever. We’re still organic, Non-GMO and committed to sustainability.

Without further ado, here’s a look at the new look.


Our New Look, coming early 2014!


The old look

The Story of a Re-brand

We’re inspired by the raw, natural beauty of our superfoods. Coconut, chia, hemp, and red palm are stunning plants that capture our imagination. We wanted to convey their essence somehow, so we decided to paint them. We explored on the canvas what they made us feel like.

Here’s what that looks like….


Step 1: Actual watercolor paintings inspired by the beauty of the chia plant

Final watercolor BUILD June10

Step 2: Clipping out our favorite parts to create a graphical representation of the chia plant


Step 3: Refining our rough edges.. and voila!

We hope you love our new packaging as much as we do. We’d love to hear what you think. And, as always, thank you for supporting us as we grow. Together, we can revolutionize the way the world eats.


  1. Love the new look, very updated!

  2. wow…how fun! love the new look & upbeat style…the art of living & sharing & celebrating…and painting the role of superfoods in americans meals and snacks…happy packaging all around…love that synergy….tho i do covet my current packaging & the adventure shared these last 15 years:) so i’ll appreciate, enjoy and say goodbye to all my stock on hand, and welcome new orders as they arrive this year….it will feel like the magic and wonder of Christmas…we know it’s coming…and I love surprises…beautiful…Team Nutiva rocks!

  3. I really hope that you have not decided to take away the 78 oz. coconut oil. I have been buying that for 2 years now because of the fair price. I see that your prices are changing as well. Can anyone tell me if you are taking away the 78 oz container, and if not, are you changing the MSRP? I just love this oil, but will have to find another source if this gets unreasonable. Thanks!

    • Hi EJ – Thanks for reaching out. We’re happy you love our coconut oil. That size (78oz.) is specific to certain retailers. We’ve never carried it in our online store. Additionally, retailers in various regions set their own prices, so it’s hard to say whether the price has gone up at your local store or not. If you want to order online and get a great price, we suggest the case discount or the 1 gallon container. Thanks!

  4. Fresh and lovely describes your eye-catching new packaging and labeling.
    Congratulations and best wishes going forward!

  5. Your new labels are beautiful!

    Very modern and attractive, I think you will sell more products with these labels.

    What a difference !

  6. What a fresh, simple clean look that captures everything Nutiva… <3

  7. Congratulations on your distinct, new look.

    Can’t wait to see it pop off the shelves!

  8. Is there a difference of coconut oil ? because the old one said its extra virgin the new one said it’s just virgin.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Melissa,
      There is currently no convention for measuring or quantifying “Extra Virgin” for coconut oil so we decided to stick with “Virgin” when we designed our new packaging. This reduces confusion in the marketplace.

      It’s the same great coconut oil that you’ve always loved. Thanks a lot for reaching out!

      • I bought your coconut oil in swansonvitamins and it’s under a jar with yellow label around, not the one in your “old look” picture with red label. The jar in yellow label also says “Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” and notes that it’s liquid while the one in red label notes it’s solid oil. What is the difference between those? And I could not find the jar in yellow label from your website. Is it very old version?
        Thank you

        • The Nutiva Team says:

          Hi Miha,
          Our brand-new labeling is only just now starting to hit stores. Our prior labels were yellow for some sized jars and red for other sized jars. Our red labels were for our glass jars and our yellow labels were on our plastic jars. The liquid vs. solid question is easily answered: temperature. Once the coconut oil reaches 74 degrees F, it will liquify. This is true regardless of which label is on the jar. If you have liquid coconut oil and you wish to work with it as a solid, simply place it in the refrigerator for a few hours.

          Our Coconut Oil is unrefined, which is why it will change from solid to liquid depending on the room temperature.

          • COCONUT OIL: The New jar says VIRGIN, wheras the old says EXTRA VIRGIN …Why?

          • Madalyn Crum says:

            Hi Suz! . In the past, we embraced the term “extra virgin coconut oil” to distinguish our dedication to the highest quality. In the USA, there is no legal definition or standard for the term, “extra virgin” as it applies to coconut oil. In other countries, however, there are standards of identity regarding the term. As Nutiva continues to grow and offer our coconut oil to more countries with varying regulations, we want to create consistency across all our labels. For this reason, we will be using the term “organic virgin coconut oil” going forward, but our high quality product and processes will remain the same. You can learn more at:

  9. Will the new plastic packaging be BPA free because I just purchased your wonderful cacao nibs and just took notice that package was labeled as recycle #7 (BPA).

    • I am so sorry and take back my comment- I actually misread the Label and had purchased a different manufacture’s product with a similar name- I am sure that your products are packaged in a more responsible package. I will definitely look into purchasing your products- I have heard only good things about Nutiva.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Tina – The plastic containers for our coconut oil, hemp oil and hemp protein are BPA-free. We do offer several of our products in glass containers. However, we don’t make cacao nibs. Perhaps you’ve confused us with someone else?

  10. I love your new branding. I saw it first at Bioneers last year, and I remember loving it and wanting to see it again. It’s inspiring me to make a change in my branding too. My blog hasn’t been branded at all! The feelings I get from your new colors/style are spaciousness, peace, vitality!

  11. P. Cruickshank-Schott says:

    Please tell me about the contents/make-up of the packaging for chia and hemp seeds… Are these recyclable packages and are they bha free? I am considering purchasing from you and often make my decisions based on packaging (and of course, quality of the product) as I think it reflects the company’s core mission.

    btw-the new packaging is certainly attractive…

    Thank you, Patti

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Patti – Our chia and hemp bags are BPA-free. At this time, they are not recyclable due to the structure required to give the correct oxygen and moisture barriers to preserve freshness. We are actively pursuing bags that are made from compostable materials, as lowering our carbon footprint is central to our mission to revolutionize the way the world eats. Thanks for your support as we grow!

  12. Is your coconut oil pressed from fresh or dried coconuts? Thanks.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Lou, great question. Our virgin organic coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts.

      • We choose fresh coconuts that meet pre-determined sensory requirements that guarantee the best flavor, scent and purity.

      • Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh and mature coconut meat; no heat is used.

      • Our virgin coconut oil is in its purest form – unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized.

      This process ensures that the smooth flavor, vital nutrients, and delicate fats are retained.

  13. Anastasiya says:

    Great idea for the new look of the brand! I love it! :))) Very inspiring!

  14. I purchased one of your coconut oil with the new label and found the oil to be different from the previous ones I had. I have always purchased and used your brand for years, but this new one had a sort of smoother texture to it and more importantly had a toasty robust flavor to it. I read somewhere that one indication of coconut oil being treated to higher levels of heat when manufactured is a stronger coconut flavor and a toasted like flavor.

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Hector – Thanks for your question. Our virgin coconut oil is always cold processed, so there’s no need to worry about it being treated to high levels of heat. We updated our packaging earlier this year, and while we have a new look, our products and processes remain the same. There is some natural variation in coconut oil because it is an agricultural product, which might explain why your recent purchase seems slightly different than you remember. Unrefined, or virgin coconut oil has the distinct flavor and aroma of coconut, whereas refined coconut oil has a neutral smell and flavor. Refined coconut oil is generally steamed processed, instead of cold processed. Thanks again!

      • I have had a similar experience as Hector. I recently purchased two (Buy one get one half off deal) bottles of your coconut oil in the new packaging and am very unhappy with how the oil feels and smells, and unfortunately tastes. I have always been pleased with your product as I use it every day. There is a distinct difference in the texture, odor, and taste that I have never experienced with your product before the new packaging. Both bottles are effected.

        • Madalyn Crum says:

          Hi Tracy, the coconut oil in the new packaging is not different than the coconut oil in the old packaging. Our quality commitment and process remain the same and we haven’t changed a thing about what’s inside the packaging!

  15. Nelson Smith says:

    When I first started to use your product I it very much. The 29 oz plastic bottles was labeled with out the Polyunsaturated Fat of <0.5g and Monounsaturated Fat of <1g. And when I order the 54oz size it came with the Polyunsaturated fat and Monounsaturated added to it, WHY. To me it changes the taste and it doesn't have that rich Coconut flavor it use to have. It also change the taste of the food. What your Nutrition Facts label says now. If I could get the same kind without the Polyunsaturated fat and the Monounsaturated added it I would love that. THANK YOU.

    • Madalyn Crum says:

      Hi Nelson, both our 29oz and 54oz coconut oils contain Polyunsaturated Fat <0.5g and Monounsaturated Fat <1g. The process and quality of both sizes are the same.

      • We choose fresh coconuts that meet pre-determined sensory requirements that guarantee the best flavor, scent and purity.

      • Our virgin coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh and mature coconut meat; no heat is used.

      • Our virgin coconut oil is in its purest form – unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized.

  16. I just bought Nutiva Coconut Oil for my dog’s health, then I get home and open it before checking the website, ~~and to my dismay, it says: : “New Report: Many Organic Soy Food Brands Importing Beans from China We no longer trust these imports to feed our pets. They have no place in organics Cornucopia, WI: Tremendous growth in the organic soy foods industry has occurred over the last two decades as consumers seek healthy dietary alternative sources of protein. etc….” SOOOO, does this mean I wasted my $$ and it can’t be ingested by my pet?!, for which I mainly bought it??? I SO tried to get what all the websites said: Cold-pressed, Organic, No GMO, Not refined, glass container,…. I am now scared to give it to my dog (11 lbs and 11 yrs old, with many issues that Coconut Oil seems to address). PLEASE PLEASE answer me ASAP at the email: (posted June15, 2014)

    • Madalyn Crum says:

      Hi Susan! All of our products, including our Coconut Oil, are soy free and safe. Hope this helps!

  17. Patricia says:

    Hi! Having always been satisfied with my purchase of you 54oz coconut oil, I decided to give a new product a try and recently purchased your organic red palm oil at my local whole foods. Today while in a health food store in my neighborhood i saw a jar of organic red palm oil with a different label. Your website claims the products are identical, however the old label does not make an “unrefined” claim as your new one does, and also contains a vitamin A value of only 80% where the new label claims 250%. I am curious why these differences exist if the products are identical. I am unhappy with the product i purchased if this difference exists, and because ive opened the oil i can not return it to whole foods. Would you Please clarify the differences for me? If the old packaging jar is infact refined and inferior in vitamin A content would you kindly provide me a voucher or refund so i may purchase the newly packaged oil? I am committed to providing my family the healthiest dietary options available and have come to trust and enjoy your brand immensly. Thank you so much!

    • The Nutiva Team says:

      Hi Patricia! Thanks for supporting us in our mission to revolutionize the way the world eats! We’re so glad you tried our Unrefined Red Palm Oil. We did change our packaging to a new, updated look, but we assure you the product did not change. It is still unrefined and high in antioxidant vitamins A & E. To best assist you, we’ve forward your comment to our customer service team. They will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks!

  18. Hi,
    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your coconut oil. It’s the only brand I will ever buy. Your new packaging is so “fresh and clean”. Love it.
    One question: is your coconut oil still hexane free? The new label doesn’t state this.

    • Madalyn Crum says:

      Hi Roz, we’re so happy to hear you love our coconut oil and our new look! Our coconut oil, along with all of our other products, is hexane free. Thanks!

  19. sona Malcolm says:

    i i love your coconut virgin oil buy it all the time i use it for all my home cooking need. but my conconcern was why the container is in the # 1 bottle which is not good for your health. Anyway i was very happy to see u now offer glass bottle.

    • Madalyn Crum says:

      Hi Sona! We do offer our coconut oil in both glass and PET, however our PET container is BPA-free. Hope this helps!

  20. Christy says:

    Hi. I noticed on your new packaging that there are new allergy warnings – “packaged in a facility that also packages peanut oil”. Has your facility changed or is this just to comply with new labelling requirements in Canada?

    • Madalyn Crum says:

      Hi Christy, thanks for your question. Peanut oil is present in the facility that manufactures our coconut oil. Many of our customers with severe peanut allergies have asked us to make a coconut oil for them; we are working on a coconut oil that is processed in a dedicated facility. At that point, you will see labels that state: Made in a peanut-free facility. Stayed tuned for this update later this year. If you’d like more detailed allergy information, please email and we’ll send you our comprehensive allergy document. Thanks again!

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