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Join us for “Seeds of Freedom” film screenings for Prop 37

At our recent opening reception in Richmond, you may have heard our Founder John Roulac say that here at Nutiva we think of ourselves as a NGO disguised as a natural food brand. “Nourishing people and planet” means that we’re not just makers of another high quality organic product line, but we’re here as a resource and proud participant of a growing sustainable food movement. Besides donating 1% of our proceeds to non-profits, we strive to educate our consumers on the how to fight Big Food and protect the integrity of our food supply.

This is why we say yes to Prop 37 with CA Right to Know and encourage the labeling of GMO foods. It’s also why we produced The Video Monsanto Doesn’t Want You To See and helped sponsor Genetic Roulette, with “Seeds of Deception” author and and Institute for Responsible Technology Director Jeffrey Smith. But that’s not all, we’re now hosting bay area panel discussions with screenings of “Seeds of Freedom,” a 30 minute film on the effect of GMO seeds on global farming.

Our first screening in Mill Valley hosted almost 200 viewers at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley.  John Roulac joined panelists Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Michelle Perro of the Institute of Health and Healing, who were introduced by writer Beth Greer of Super Natural Home. The evening kicked off with laughs and a sing-along as Just Barclay Neumann performed “We don’t want your GMOs.” Smith and Perro described the growing prevalence of Autism, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, allergies, infertility, reflux, and other conditions that have skyrocketed since GMOs were first introduced in our food supply.

We’ve got three more screenings coming up and we hope you’ll join us. Tickets are free and we encourage you to pre-register here:

In the meantime, ask your grocery store manager if the foods they carry have GMOs. Shop organic. Support Prop 37. As Beth Greer noted at the screening, “Slavery was once legal in this country, and it seemed impossible to stop.” So we could beat Monsanto, but we need your help.

Date:  Wednesday, October 24
Time:  6:00pm
Location:  East Bay Center for the Performing Arts
Address:  339 11th Street, Richmond

Discussion with:
– John Roulac, CEO, Nutiva, Inc.
– Pamm Larry, Initial Instigator and Northern California Director,
– Claire Cummings, Environmental Lawyer, Author

Date:  Saturday, October 27
Time:  7:00pm
Location:  Trinity Church
Address: 330 Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park

Discussion with:
– John Roulac, CEO, Nutiva, Inc.
– Ocean Robbins, Founder and CEO, Food Revolution Network
– Pamm Larry, Initial Instigator and Northern California Director,

Date:  Friday, November 2
Time:  7:00pm
Location:  The David Brower Center
Address:  2150 Allston Way, Berkeley

Discussion with:
– John Roulac, CEO, Nutiva, Inc.
– Gary Ruskin, Campaign Director, Prop 37
– Grant Lundberg, CEO, Lundberg Foods

We thank the organizations that are helping make these events possible:
Community and sponsoring partners include, Institute for Responsible Technology, Bioneers, Earth Island Institute, Food Shift, The Gaia Foundation, African Biodiversity Network, Richmond Grows, Women’s Earth Alliance and Wiser Earth.

– The Nutiva team


  1. I must say that I cannot begin to thank Nutiva for their efforts and awareness in providing quality food, and involvement in the fight for food labeling. I recently took advantage of a one-day “crazy deal” special of three items my family consumes on a regular basis and let me say how impressed I was on the quantity of these items, the deal itself and the speed at which the items arrive, sans shipping fees I might add. I am a Nutiva cheerleader for certain! Very thankful

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