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Spread the Love: Nutiva Coconut Manna

Shape Magazine features our delicious Organic Coconut Manna.

Spread the Love

Escape the peanut (and almond) gallery and dig your knife or spoon into the assortment of nut and seed butters out there

Long limited to two options—creamy or crunchy peanut butter—taste buds (and those allergic to the legume) screamed with joy when almond butter hit the marketing, giving everyone something new to combine with their jelly.

But if your spark for AB has waned (as happens in every relationship), there are plenty of other options in stores today that offer unique flavors and nutrition profiles—and almost endless ways to use them in recipes. Give these tempting spreads a shot. They’re so good, you’ll have to fight to keep yourself from eating them straight from the jar.

Coconut Butter

4. Coconut Butter

A tropical vacation for your mouth, coconut butter is made by pureeing high-fiber coconut flesh into a buttery consistency, unlike coconut oil, which is produced by pressing oil from the flesh. Still shunning coconut because you think it high levels of saturated fat are horrible for your heart? The latest research calls into question this long-held belief, so you can stop thinking of this decadent food as the devil.

Try it: It’s a killer addition to smoothies, cooked cereal such as oatmeal, roasted sweet potatoes, and toasted English muffins.

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