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Superfood Your Appliances – 5 Reasons Why it’s Time to Upgrade Your Blender

Is this thing on? No really…. Is it?

Is this thing on? No really…. Is it?

Here’s a familiar scene: you place all your superfood ingredients in a blender for the smoothie of your dreams. The anticipation builds for what is sure to be the superfood breakfast to die for. All ingredients are in and the moment has come, so you press blend…and you wait. And wait. You stare at the bottom ½ inch of the contents in your blender – which is the only place where anything’s moving – and hope that the rest of the ingredients will soon join the party. But alas, they don’t. Now you have to stop the blender, shuffle things around with a spoon, blend and repeat. And repeat…and…well, you get the picture.

If you know your blender is just waiting to mock you like this, it’s time to superfood your appliances and upgrade your blender. Here are 5 reasons why it’s time.

1. You’re spending way too much time making your smoothies


Stop waiting for that smoothie to process! Cut your wait time in half (or even more) with a high-powered blender.

Green drinks and other superfood smoothies are awesome ways to get incredible nutrients in your body with out the fiber loss from juicing. Unfortunately, if the scenario above is one you have to deal with every morning, you may be less likely to make that nutrient packed smoothie. It’s likely that you’ll especially stray away from this routine if you’re short on time. High-powered blenders do the work in a fraction of the time, so you’re guaranteed to get your superfood meal blended up even if you’re short on time. Don’t forget to use your homemade hemp or almond milk in your smoothies too!

2. It’s time to eat a better butter

In just under a minute, you can make your very own nut butter in a high-powered blender. Making your own nut butter at home gives you control of the salt levels (or the control to skip the salt), allows you the freedom to skip hydrogenated oils and gives you the power to know what’s in your food. You’ll also reduce packaging waste and have the choice to superfood your nut butter by adding ingredients like Coconut Manna, chia seeds or hemp oil. If you have a child with a peanut allergy, you can make your own cashew, almond or sunflower seed butter and rest easy knowing that there was no cross contamination.

Making your own nut butter not only gives you the power of knowing all of the ingredients, it also gives you the freedom to create the consistencies that are perfect for you. Pictured: Homemade sunflower seed butter with Coconut Manna and coconut oil on the left, raw almond butter on the right.

Making your own nut butter gives you the freedom to create the consistencies that are perfect for you.
Pictured: Homemade sunflower seed butter with Coconut Manna and coconut oil on the left, raw almond butter on the right.

*If it’s not the right time to make an investment in a high-powered blender, you can still make nut butters with your food processor, it just takes some of that stopping and scraping described earlier.

3. You want to make sorbets and ice cream

Yes that’s right: a blender can make ice cream and it can make it good. The benefits of making your own sorbets and ice creams at home are really a no brainer. Just like making your own nut butters, you are in charge of the ingredients, so you there is no need for preservatives and additives. If you’re lactose intolerant with a sweet tooth, this Hemp & Banana Ice Cream from the Nutiva Kitchen not only satisfies the sweet tooth, but it’s also loaded with superfood hemp! Entertaining your guests in the summertime will be even more special when you present your freshly prepared homemade ice cream.

4. Skip the extra trips to the market and make your own flours

Upgrading your blender allows you to make your own flours and powdered spies, like this garbanzo bean flour, from scratch.

Upgrading your blender allows you to make your own flours and powdered spies, like this garbanzo bean flour, from scratch.

High-powered blenders are ideal for making your own flours because the motor in them has a higher wattage that won’t burn out like a low-wattage blender would. This will give you the power to make your own flour! Making your own flour is ideal for those with food sensitivities, frugal livers or DIYers. With a superfood blender, you can process your own garbanzo bean flour, sunflower seed flour (as a great almond flour alternative to those with nut allergies), and even make your own gluten free flour! You can also grind up spices like cumin and cinnamon quickly and easily.

*Note: be mindful of how long you process your flour. If you keep the blender on for too long, you may end up with butter.

5. You’re craving soup and you’re low on time

One of the coolest things that high-powered blenders can do is make soup –hot soup – quickly. By simply adding ingredients to the blender and slowly speeding up the power, you could end up with soup in less than 10 minutes. Ready to give it a go? Try this Cream of Asparagus Soup or this incredibly easy Roasted Tomato Soup.

Soups like this beet & carrot soup are made in a snap with a superfood blender.

Soups like this beet & carrot soup are made in a snap with a superfood blender.

What’s your favorite way to use your high-powered blender? Share your tips with us in the comments below.


  1. How did you know about my blender Ana?! A very timely article. Now, would you please do a follow-up article and help me choose one that won’t require a home equity loan? Thanks!

    • Ana Victoria says:

      Hahah K.T.! I know about your blender because we’ve all been there. :) How about adding it to a wish list for friends and family to pitch in for? Or even setting aside a “Better Blender” fund throwing in spare change and dollars here and there? You’ll have it in no time. ;)

  2. I am total agreement with K.T. This was a great article but we really could use some help in figuring out which model to go with. All the information quite confusing and it would help if you narrowed our search down. Maybe if you just suggested the wattage that you believe to be high powered enough would help us to determine what kind. I would love a vita-mix but that is way out of the question, then their is Montel Williams one that he sells on Tv. They say that does it all but when you look at the review you come away just as confused as before. Now they have the Ninja and the Magic Bullet which is definitely one I could afford but do they really do all they say they do? Help!

  3. I recently purchased a VitaMix from QVC. It retailed for $550. QVC sold it for $399. I got it on 6 flexible payments of about $72. It was WELL WORTH the money!!

  4. Great reasons to get a better blender! I would love to hear some recommendations for ones you like!

  5. what types of blender do you suggest, besides Vitamix/CDDeQ

  6. I love my Blendtec! Can’t live without it!I can get by without just about any other kitchen appliance or tool…but I must have a paring knife and my blender! :)

  7. BLENDTEC, it is one of the best if not the BEST Blender on the market. You can make Everything including Ice Cream, Smoothies and Soup.

    Love It!


  8. Hi K.T I can relate to your finances I think Ana Victoria’s advice was not very helpful. ( sorry Ana) I bought a Nurti-Bullet and it comes with a Grain blade, I have been able to grind nut butters and make flours. You can purchase one for around $100.00 . Bed Bath and Beyond allows you to use a coupon which will take off $10.00 which will cover the tax. Also they except returns if you are unhappy with it. I hope this helps. Everytime I read an article on “the best Blender” it’s always a Vita-Mix too bad they are so costly. I do find I love my Nutri-Bullet very much works very well powerful and easy to clean.

  9. I so agree with all the benefits of a super blender. I have a blendtec and would never live without one. I make the best smoothies in 90 seconds and clean up is a breeze. I can also make hot soup in in while leaving the food in a mostly raw state. I don’t use sugar much one time needed powder sugar and didn’t have any-no problem- I just pulsed crystal sugar under it became powdered sugar.
    Costco on-line has the best price-often times they will run $30.00 off and generally free shipping. I know they are expensive but so worth it. The blendtec has an 8 year warranty which is awesome.

  10. Vita-Mix. Once you go there, you won’t go back. It’ll even do flour if you get the container for it. But yeah – you might have to mortgage your house for it, sorry. Check craigslist in your area, though. Sometimes you can get a used one for ~$250. I got mine new @ Costco with a 10-yr warranty.

    I’m sure there are others, but I don’t have any experience with them.

  11. Lee Ann Cahoon says:

    I also just recently purchased the NutriBullet as I wanted something small and convenient for transporting. This unit is really amazing, so easy to use, easy to clean, and really blends very well. I have recently made the best green smoothies ever. Here is the best part…. I purchased it at Kohls with a 30% coupon – price was 99.99 prior to using coupon so total price was $69.99 plus received $10 kohl’s bucks back. Thinking about going to buy a second one while still on sale.

  12. I bought the NutriBullet from Kohl’s last year and was really impressed in the beginning. Now, some sort of black gunk oozes from the blade into my smoothie every time, even after thoroughly washing the blade unit. Also, I have to hold the unit in place, while in use, as it will no longer stay locked. For $70, it’s been ok, but now I’m back to looking for a blender again.

  13. I’ve been trying to find a blender for over a year now.

    My main problem has been a battle with either price ($400+ for reputable ones) or a plastic jar/plastic base (with glass jar).

    All the high-end ones seem to come with plastic jars. I don’t care if they’re BPA free, I don’t want plastic anywhere near my foods, especially blended ones which can get hot.

    This article really needed a supplementary paragraph or article about quality blenders, more focused on glass jar based ones (or ones that can be bought alongside the stock plastic).

    Still searching..

  14. I had an opportunity to compare my neighbor’s Vitamix with my $30 blender. Same exact ingredients in both blenders: 1/2 cup soaked unhulled sesame seeds and 2 cups of water. I assumed that the Vitamix would do a much better job, which means that after it was strained through a nut milk bag that there would be a lot less mash left from the Vitamix. NOT SO. I had the exact same amount of mash left. So no way am I buying a Vitamix! To make both smoothies & popsicles, I use my super-duper immersion blender:

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