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Testimonial for Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil, 24-Ounce Bottle

Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil
by Reece Krishnan

Couldn’t be happier with this hemp seed oil. The delicious nutty flavor makes it easy to take this as a daily supplement. The texture will take some getting used to if you’re taking it straight as a supplement (it is oil after all).

I actually decided to get this because I heard an omega-6 deficiency causes eczema (a skin disease that I have). I’ve been taking it for about a week and my skin is showing improvement. I itch less and my skin doesn’t inflame as badly. I’m thinking I need to up the dose a little bit. Maybe I’ll start taking 1 full tablespoon instead of 2 teaspoons that I’m taking daily.

Nutiva is obviously very passionate and dedicated to the products they sell. The label on this oil is informative and their website is even more information.


  1. Is it true that hemp oil will heal cancer,  is there any truth in this?

      Try looking at the links at the very bottom of this link. This hemp oil may not be the same hemp oil that helps with cancer. From what I understand, that one is “cannabis extract medicine” and not made of hemp. You probably need a medical card to buy that legally. This is made of hemp and not cannabis. Hemp is the very low THC cousin of cannabis (i.e. it’s not psychoactive).
      For maximum therapeutic effect check this youtube video I recently found and I was very impressed by it:
      I am still looking for where to find the raw leaves instead of the more commonly consumed flowers/buds of cannabis. Also the leaves aren’t supposed to be psychoactive like the buds. I am looking for a treatment for my neuropathy-it’s debilitating and unbelievably painful, hard to bare even with medical buds and other treatments…. Please do let me know if you find where to get fresh leaves on a daily basis.

  2. Update on my progress fighting the eczema…

    The best way to use the hemp seed oil is to apply it directly to the affected area. It works almost instantly. The itch and burn subsides and after some time your skin will be silky smooth.

    How I apply it:
    1) Make sure the bottle cap is tightly closed (I use the 24oz bottle).
    2) Turn the bottle upside down and back up again.
    3) Open the cap, put your hand over the top of the bottle, then squeeze the bottle so a spray of oil hits your hand.
    4) Apply the oil from your hand directly on the affected area. That’s it!
    5) Repeat daily depending on the severity of your eczema.

    Why apply it this way?
    If the affected area is relatively small you really only need a couple drops of oil. Squeezing the bottle upside down is tricky and you’ll end up with more oil than you need. So using the method above you get a little oil at a time to apply to your skin.

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