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The Nutiva Divas Look At Our Sustainability

nutiva divas

To further our dedication to a healthy and sustainable world, Nutiva partnered with nearby Dominican University’s Green MBA program to perform eco-audits on our Richmond facility to determine our eligibility toward a Bay Area Green Business certification. Three stellar MBA students created an audit team called the Nutiva Divas and proceeded to leave no stone unturned in their quest for our ecological footprint.

Nutiva opened its warehouse and corporate office to Angela, Emily and Martha’s intrepid pursuit of information about our waste, water use, energy use, and pollution. We confirmed that Nutiva has a high level of commitment to green business practices already, and discovered only a few steps remain toward our goal.  Stepping in and out of our compost pile and dumpster confirmed that, according to the Divas.

Team Diva commented, “Nutiva’s passion for sustainability and active participation in this project has been greatly appreciated. We commend you for your diligent efforts to reduce your energy, water, waste and pollution impacts. By doing so, Nutiva has a great opportunity to become established as a leader in green business practices.”

Nutiva is already widely implementing sustainable business practices and is on its way to exceeding those steps and further reducing its ecological footprint. In addition to sourcing only sustainably grown organic products, Nutiva’s Green Committee has already addressed several of the remaining certification requirements, including instituting green office policies and minimizing landfill waste through better composting. Retrofitting our old building may take some time, though. Nutiva committed to addressing the remaining steps requiring capital expenditures by the end of this year.

We appreciate all the efforts from our passionate and committed Nutiva Divas, and look forward to our upcoming Green Business certification!


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