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Troubles Mount at Quake-Stricken Japanese Nuclear Reactor

What do you think of Nuclear Power? Is the latest Japanese nuclear accident a reason to re-consider  building more nukes?
We’re wishing the best to Japan during this crisis.
We all need to understand that more earth changes are occurring and we need to be prepared for them.

Residents buy food at a temporarily opened supermarket in Sendai, Japan, March 14, 2011. Officials scrambled to prevent a nuclear catastrophe and care for millions of people without power or water in after Friday's a massive earthquake and tsunami. Photo: REUTERS

Workers at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant are battling to stabilize the reactors after a second explosion on Saturday. 

Now, technicians are trying to avoid a meltdown in one of the three reactors by pouring in seawater.  They say the fuel rods were almost completely exposed – raising fears of a further catastrophe.

All people within a 20-kilometer radius of the plant are being evacuated to other areas.  The Japanese government is playing down fears of a nuclear disaster  – but news reports say that a U.S. aircraft carrier in the area has been redeployed, after recording abnormally high levels of radiation 100 kilometers offshore.

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