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Vermont Is The Latest Battleground In The Fight For Hemp

Check out the recent news about Hemp legalization in Vermont.  The battle is far from over, but awareness is up and progress is underway.

With your help we can raise awareness and get Hemp legalized.  Please call and write to your Representative in Congress.  Take action HERE, at the Vote Hemp website.

Vermont is the Latest Battleground in the Fight For Hemp

By Tim Johnson, Free Press Staff

August 21, 2011

Like most other products, hemp has its own trade associations. It has lobbyists. It has publicists. Together they churn out literature touting hemp’s extraordinary versatility and its ecological and agronomic virtues – a kind of wonder crop.

Hemp does not have a political action committee, however, which could explain partly why the campaign to legalize industrial hemp in the United States hasn’t gained much traction.

Advocates complain that American farmers are being shut out of a lucrative market. More than 30 countries grow hemp as an agricultural commodity, and hemp-planted fields in Canada – which legalized cultivation in 1998 – increased to 26,815 acres in 2010.

The United States “is the only industrialized country that will not allow its farmers the economic/environmental benefit” of growing hemp, laments Ben Brown, a farmer in Orwell.

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